Favorite New Bomber?

Getting tired of the same old arguments on here... lol

Soooo...who's your favorite first year Bomber? Why?

I just love Johnathan Hefney. First year in the CFL and he's a starting half-back. No small feat. Love his fiery attitude. Definately a keeper!

Hefney is a keeper, absolutely!! Have to keep Bernard, Omay, Guice JR., Dorian Smith on top of that list so far, we have a great group of young player's and if coached properly, we can be contenders within 2 years. Just hope we can keep the young and the Vets together for that long. Just need to find that QB!! and NO Bishop is not the answer, he had one good game outta 8, we'll see how he fairs tonight against the Eskimo's!!

Okay...but outta all those, who's your favorite, and why?

From what i have seen lately, i would have to say Amey is a keeper as well, 5"11 200 LBS, has size (weight wise) and great hands, has a bright future in the Peg.

Hefney for me, hands down.

....NO CONTEST....Michael Bishop.......................seriously Heffney is a tremendous find...and the more i get to see Otis Amey the better....this kid has the goods.. :thup: :rockin:

LOL...hey, if Bishop plays the rest of the season like he did last week, I may change my vote!

I like this Otis Amey kid, looks like he has all the tools to be the next Bruce or Copeland.

Amey looked really good. . . but let's face it, it was only one game so far.

If he plays like that consistently, he may be up there, but based on the season so far I'm staying with Hefney.

Hey, I'm a cat fan and I could see this kid's talent. He wasn't just letting the ball fall into his hands then run with it, no matter where the ball was he was scooping it out of the air and busting off a nice gain.

Casey Bramlet hands down :thup:

Adarius Bowman. I've always liked him for some reason. He's a playmaker and he could be dominant, especially if he learns to hang on to the football. Not saying he's the BEST first-year Bomber (Hefney or Shabazz probably would be that), but my favourite, yes. Honourable mention to Mike Renaud for being almost the only fun player to watch at some points this year even though he's a punter; and to Otis Amey as well.

I'm not sure who my favourite is. I really like Mike Renaud, Siddeeq Shabbazz and Jonathan Heffney.

I second that. Primarily, because he is tough (can take a hit), good pocket presence, nice arm, accurate, and he has broken records everywhere he has had the opportunity to start.

It's frustrating to see his stats being misrepresented in the media and web. Anyone who watched the game saw that he only threw 1 int. during that game (due to Romby's lack of effort), and it was Bishop that threw the 2 int's.

so, paulpearson~kellyfanatic~bramletgirl, adding yet another name??

Hey I fessed up to the 3 names and dropped the last 2. The guy you mentioned bashed Bishop, I would never do that!!!!

Bishop is my guy! I go only by my original name Paul Pearson. Actually my very original name going back couple years was argofanone. I tried logging in earlier this year and the message stated...when we went to new program your password or user ID was not converted...something like that, I paraphrase, was not able to use it again. Not to mention that I am ashamed of current Argo management.

No new names from me, I have gone straight. Mad Jack showed me the error of my ways in repetitive posts.


Good on ya!

Bowmanspelling?..He is going to be a GOOD WR for your team for a LONG time! He is yong and will only improve! I must say im jellouis of him!

....You're right catsnpac.......Bowman has really come along since we acquired him from sask....He still drops the odd one...but his overall performance has been excellent....He's young and still has development time....Will he have as great a career in the Peg as Stegall....time will tell.....Right now, i also see star quality... :thup:

He just needs some stickem on his hands and he will be fine. I like him also!