Favorite, Least Favorite Player - NOT FROM YOUR TEAM

Pretty straight forward, who is your favorite player, and who do you despise the most---NOT FROM YOUR FAVORITE TEAM!

I'll start it off...

Favorite- Patrick Kabongo EDM

Hands down, funniest player in the league. He leads his team out every play and usually is running givin er buck 20, and fist pumping even at well over 300 pounds he must be tired before the play starts. :lol: Even as a bomber fan its hard not to cheer for the guy even when hes playing us.

Hated- Dave Stala

Just a plain goof ball, seems like hes even hated by his own teammates. The only people who like him are the ticat fans on this board.

Hate to go negative but I just want to puke whenever I see Jimenez lining up. That guy has no respect for our game. he should have gotten 9 games for what he did to Gargiulo and he should have been kicked out permanently when he did the same to Brent Johnson last year. And the excuses he made after hitting Gargiulo, so bloody weak it was disgusting.

Jason Jimenez is EASILY my least favorite player.

For me;

Most Favorite: Darian Durrant - I like this guys arm on passes going down the middle.
Least Favorite: Marcus Thigpen - :expressionless:

What's wrong with Thiggy? :?

Durant? Goes public to trash a coach. Guy has zippo class. I don't like this man at all. Suck it up if you hate the guy and shut TFU.

I would think it's just an Eskie thing Earl; I enjoy it when they get him on kick/punt/missed fieldgoal returns... otherwise.

people are allowed to give their opinions, personally i hate the ticats, you happen to love them (somehow :wink: )

Kevin Glenn from Hamilton..

Dwight Anderson - Montreal.

that guy royally pisses me off!

Favorite: Geroy Simon. Classy guy, not a lot of grandstanding, just excellence year after year.

Least favorite: Can't really say. I don't have anything against other teams' players. Burris is a bit of a whiner, and Winnipeg's D in general have been a bit obnoxious this season with the whole Swaggerville thing, but none of them have done enough to be my least favorite.

Favorite - 32 Durie, Andre RB/SB Non-Import 5.10 197 1981-07-27 York - Humble

Least Favorite- 33 Anderson, Dwight CB Import 5.11 188 05-07-1981 South Dakota - Goof

Man this is tough.

Favourites. . . tough to pick just one, so I'll pick one per team; in no particular order, Korey Banks~Tad Kornegay (tie), Rod Davis, Charleston Hughes, Craig Butler, Jonathan Hefney~Doug Brown (tie), Markeith Knowlton, and Lin J Shell. My bias towards the defence is pretty noticeable, hey?

Least favourite. . . hmmm. . . no disrespect to the Green Riders intended, but it's a tie between two Riders; Ryan Dinwiddie and Chris McKenzie. Can't expain Dinwiddie, I've just never liked the guy, and as for McKenzie, he suffers for trying to fill the shoes of one of my all time favourite CFLers in Eddie Davis.

Oh and by the way; edit the title of the thread. This is Canada, and this is the Canadian Football League. So it's "favourite" not "favorite". :smiley:

least is a tie between rob murphy and jiminez.

most nik lewis.

honerable mention to Durie, Cornish, Boyd, Owens, Durant and Burris

a few guys on hamilton I expect to be partial to in the coming yrs.

Favorite: Anthony Calvillo, hands down. I never get that angry when we lose to an AC team cuz the guy is just had such a career.

Hated: Durant. Cries, mopes and doesn’t perform to get a head coach fired. Not being a professional and just ignoring what fans say. (like Regina fans don’t badger bomber players during the Labor Day Classic).

Oh, add Darian Durant to my favorite list. I like his personality, and his respect for the game.

Least Favorite: Dave Stala

Talented receiver although his instigator antics and berating foul mouth are tiresome. (even with his own teammates)
When Medlock was picked up by the Cats, the first thing he mused to himself was, "great I have to play with that bleep" (paraphrase)

Most Favorite: Geroy Simon

The man will soon have his 9th straight year of over 1000 yards receiving, and doesn't feel the need to broadcast how good he is to anyone who will or won't listen.
Humble and a workhorse. Great team player.

:cry: :roll:

Favorite - If we're allowed to pick recently retired guys, Ben Cahoon. Guy went out there and made plays, and was a true professional. The epitomy of "act like you've been there before."

Least - Jimminez. Dirty player who should have been suspended if such a thing actually existed in the CFL.

worst - Burris. I have the up-most respect for his ability and talent, but it frustrates me to no end seeing him beg for a penalty every time the wind blows wrong. They even gave permission for the refs to call an infraction for this last year about 2/3rds the way through the season...wish they would continue. The only 2 players it was called on were on the Stamps one was Henry. That being said, I think he has tamed it down.

Favorite - Reynolds - see reason above...he played on a team where this kind of stuff was like a virus...burris, anderson, browner...but he just plays his game. Class act.

Actually...scrap Burris...Anderson gets my vote. He pisses me off continually, and the eye poke on dressler should have been way more that a 1000 buck fine!

good question though!

To my knowledge, he has been suspended at least a couple times. (for hits on Brent Johnson and Anthony Gargulo)

No, he appealed the Gargiulo suspension and won. Boo! He only got a fine for the Johnson act. DOUBLE HEINOUS BOO!!

And I'm allowed to question their opinions if I want to. :wink: