Favorite Game Stories

I imagine a lot of people on this forum have managed to attend at least one Als game (either at home or away) and I was wondering if anybody had a favorite game adventure they wanted to share. Your first game, someone's 100th point/catch/touchdown/etc, anything of the like.

Fan train games are always memorable

The second CFL game that I ever went to see was in September 1967. Winnipeg was visiting the Alouettes when they played at Molson stadium. However, on TV it was known as McGill Stadium back then as the CFL's main sponsor was Labatt breweries, and the name Moson could not be heard on a Labatt broadcast.

Anyway in 1967, absolutely no blocking was allowed on punt returns. That rule wasn't changed until the mid 1970's, so punt returners were referred to as "kamikaze pilots" as they had no protection at all, other than a 5 yard restraing order until they caight the ball. Then they were strictly on their own.

Anyway, shock of shock, there were 2 punts returned for touchdown that day. Phil Brady for the Alouettes, and Billy Cooper for the Blue Bombers.

Montreal one that game 27-26. The first ever game I saw was also in 1967, on a Saturday night in August. The Alouettes beat the Argonauts 34-22 in that one. Those were the only 2 wins the Alouettes won in 1967, as they had a record of 2 wins and 12 losses, and missed the playoffs. I SAW BOTH WINS.

Mine would be my son's first ever game. It was the game against BC which saw the Als score the winning touchdown in the final minute. My son sat in awe the whole game taking in the atmosphere and having the time of his life.

Was that this year? The week after the infamous incident at BC place?

It sounds like it. I was at that game too with my boyfriend and - oddly enough - it was his first game too. He never gets nervous for anything (or excited for that matter) and he refused to leave his seat for the entire second half -standing on it for the last 10 minutes of the game - due to the sheer nerve that we might lose. That wasn't my MOST memorable game, but it is right up there with being at the 2008 Grey Cup, a game we played in '05 against Toronto (we won 50-13) and my first game ever which I saw in Edmonton against the Alouettes (I was only 6, but I remember seeing it and thinking football was kindof neat).

Correct....it was this year. Game was exiting, this is true. However, it was most memorable because it was was my son's first ever.

For a first game......you could not have made a better choice

Yep...I was really lucky.