Favorite CFL Broadcast Team?

I gotta go with Cuthbert & Suitor.

I like Duane Ford, but Rod Black gets annoying pretty quickly with his love of the Alouettes and Calvillo.

If I hear AC-BC! one more time, I'll scream.

Black shouldn’t even count!

he’s so bad, it’s embarassing for this league!

I haveto say that Rod Black isnt that bad but Duane Forde's vioce gets pretty annoying; plus he isnt as experienced and he says like 5 words in a setnetnce max

Agree with Suitor/Cuthbert. Not a fan at all of Rod Black. Sometimes I wonder if he is even watching the game, the refs have their hands up signaling touchdown and he goes "No sign yet from the referees". Or with the line on the screen the team is clearly short of the first down and he calls a first down, then when they start the next play he finally corrects himself and says second and three. After a few years of doing the job, I don't know if he's just not putting any work into it or bored or what, but he has not gotten better at all IMHO. With Duane Ford, he's still young and I'll give him a shot. I do like the enthusiasm he has for the Canadian game, from following the CIS and junior football to the CFL. Matty Dunigan, when he fills in on some games is in need of work too. He can offer insight into many aspects of the game, but he needs to work on his mike skills and keep it relevant to the game. He does a better job in studio but give time and some proper coaching he could become a good colour man.

maybe they need to do some auditions... get people out in the real world and see what they can do..

Right. Go after those with no training or experience. That can’t fail.

I would have to say Lancaster and ole whatsisname

I'm not the only one.

I just notice a HUUUUGE difference when Rod Black is doing the colour commentary and the Al's are playing.

I know the Al's are a good team.

But Rod Black just takes it to a completely ridiculous level. I think if he had the chance, he would neck with Calvillo or Cahoon.

I wish Duane Ford would talk more. I've muted my TV before so I could enjoy the game. Too much admiration, not enough football.

I only notice it with the Al's. He's tolerable when broadcasting other teams that don't have Calvillo & Cahoon.

I gotta go with Cuthbert & Suitor too. Although I love it when Matty fills in! Last year he was horrible, but this year he is showing signs of improvement & he says some really funny stuff some times. He's just unpolished & doesn't always know what should or shouldn't be said... & I like that.

not like they will hire somebody that doesn’t work out.

there are some very knowledgeable people out there! who says that they NEED to have Broadcasting experience?

that’s what training is for… they will learn the ropes awful fast…

they just need passion, a knowledge for the game and the ability to perform on Camera and in Live situations.

it’s not as dumb as you make it look Artie.

If TSN can just grab Joe Blow off the street and toss him in the brodcasting booth, then why even have broadcasting programs in colleges and universities...

Cuthbert for sure, and although Suitor might be knowlegable, I have a very hard time listening to him when he is doing colour commentry on the Rider games and whomever they are playing. It is so biased, you can cut a knife with it. Don Whitman was a class act. He called it , without any bias. We lost a good one, when he passed away.

Wittman was a great, no question. I also enjoyed the broadcasts back when Ron Lancaster and Leo Cahill were providing the colour commentary.

Just don't get me started on Johnny Esaw and Annis Stukus. . .

Just cause you went to school, does NOT mean you know how to do play by play for the CFL or whatever sport.

the best Play by play people are ones who have been in the CFL, have knowledge about the game and are good personalities on camera.

Rod Black is 0 for 3 in this..

All the guys except the host on FNF have no broadcasting training from schools.

Lancaster didn't.

Cuthbert is good, but that's from CBC.

yeah Wittman and Lancaster were the best this league's ever seen!

they'd put Cuthbert and Suitor to shame!

...I'm getting a strange sensation this is somehow a segue into you telling all of us you could be the next great on-air announcer...bad spidey-sense, bad.....

I want Armitage back, he, IMO was the best by far!

Have to say Cuthbert and Suitor. Despite his high-pitched voice, Cuthbert knows what he's doing. Gord Miller is very good in the few games that he does. Duane Forde is alright, but Rod Black should have stuck with figure skating.

Of the old-timers, Don Chevrier was great, and Bob Irving on the old CFN was good too.

I'll see your Esaw and Stukus, and raise you Pat Marsden.

Of the current teams Cuthbert and Suitor are the "A" team, and Black/Forde are the "C" team. There's a noticeable drop off in commentating between the two. Forde makes some good insights now and then, he doesn't have the greatest voice for television but he knows the game well. Rod Black does the best he can but he just shouldn't be doing football.