Favorite all time Tiger-Cat

Earl Winfield #1

lets see some names

Zambiasi is #1

Henley is #1A.

Oski Wee Wee,

John Barrow1,Bernie Faloney2 G.Henley3. Ah heck,I like 'em ALL !




HITCH... :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

Rocky Dipietro #23


My choice is a very personal one and is not really based on talent even though he was a decent player.

Richard Nurse #85

I choose him because he was the player I knew best and seeing how dedicated he was to both the team and city really inspired me to always try and be a better person.

His best play ever by far was his diving touchdown catch in Sask during the 92 season.

I know he was never a standout but I think stats are always only half the story of any player.

Amazing human being..

Rufus, baby!

Hitch by a county mile.

im not as old school as some of you but my fav was def Archie Amerson! i loved that guy!


#1 Earl Winfield (Praise Be His Name).

All of the following:
John Barrow, Garney Henley, Ben Zambiasi, Rocky DiPietro, Rob Hitchcock, Mike Morreale and Bob Krause....a Hamilton product (Central High School) who was a Tiger-Cat linebacker for 14 years.

Henley and Patterson. Class acts.

Great question! Favorite vs. best all time...
For me it would be a toss up between Dave Fleming and Tommy Grant...but there are so many memories...

Lots of guys but for me I just remember Garney so well from my youth and he played the positions I played in high school so he's it for me. But as I mentioned, lots of guys I would be proud to wear a jersey of with their names on besides Mr. Henley.

Wayne Lee #1 he is the reason for my love of the Ticats.
Close second are: Derrick McAdoo,Bobby Dawson (of the 1990's),Grover, Danny Mac, Hitch, Boreham (maybe I should quit now, I could actually list a few hundred more) :lol: Oh yeah, I forgot Johnny Sheppard

Sig, I saw that coming a mile away :wink:

Troy Davis.
He could (can) run and block and score without dancing. The best RB in years.

Harold Woods #6 and Ben Zambiasi #31 -

They laid the lumber on many a player when I was growing up and inspired me to become a middle linebacker in Pee Wee football. I flattened Hitchcock more than once when we played the Lions. Then Rob grew bigger than me. I have purchased him many beers over the years to atone for the mistakes of my youth.

Earl Winfield #1

Tommy Joe Coffey, #75...inspired me to build my own kicking shoe and become a kicker!

Troy Davis is number two...still think he was the BEST football player we have seen here in years... the vision of him knocking an Argo defensive end on his a$$ with one shot to the chest is CLASSIC!