Favorite All Time Tiger Cat - For the Wrong Reasons

We all have our favorites (Winfield, Zambiasi, Henley, etc) but how about those Tiger Cats that may have blown briefly through town and blew a few games in he process. I sure a few of these guys hold a special place in your heart. Let me start out with a few:

I think his name was Sam Rogers, #30. He was a decent punt returner and probably the worst defensive back in the history of the CFL. Anytime someone was more than 20 yards open you could guarantee Rogers was trailing the play or arguing with another defensive back about who should have been covering the guy.

Dave "Fumball" Dinall - Great guy but boy did he fumble a lot in crucial situations.

Orville Lee - He would get the ball in the backfield and dance left, then right, then left again only to be tackled for a loss. Every time he got the ball even in the open field he would stop and try unsuccessfully to juke the opposition. I hear that he is a Dance Dance Revolution champion now.

Timm Rosenrott - Could have been the worst QB in Tiger Cat history.

TJ Rubley - Would have been the worst QB in Tiger Cat history had we just given him the ball.

Let's hear about some other "favorites".

Billy Dicken. Worst QB hands down. Grandma in the third row with lace burns on her forehead...need I say more? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oski Wee Wee,

Sorry guys…you are wrong…as bad as Rosencrap, Dicken and Bankhead were, Charlie Weatherbie was the WORST QB of all time…funny thing is, he was a GREAT coach at Navy…but sucked everywhere else…

How about QB Ralph Bedwetter. :thup:

K. Hill
Boreham (sorry BHG).

All malcontents except for the last, who was simply inept.

Don McPherson. He had his moments but I think we got rid of Damon Allen to keep him.
How many cups might we have won if had Allen for a decade?

Beckman, Braley, Ballard, Michaluk, David and George.....no particular order.

Yes Sam Rogers was by far the worst starting DB i have ever seen.

Dave Dinall could have been one of the best running backs in league history if he didn't fumble so much. I have never seen a guy fumble as much as him.

Timmy was not that bad, i think his numbers for half a season was better than Maas's for all of last year.

The one guy that belongs on our wall of shame is Urban Bowman, by far the worst head coach in ti-cat history.

Add in that right tackle, Powell......after watching the brilliance of the late Travis Claridge at that position, watching Powell was excruciating.

John Manel- Cathedral grad.

Zuger goes down, Eckman goes down- and Manel gets called to play the whole second half. If I remember right there wasn't a single pass attempt for the rest of the game. Hand-off after hand-off. We lost.............

gotta defend dave dinall here. back in the early 90s I was a waterboy for the cats ( I was around 14). After practice, dave was the only guy to throw the ball around with me for a bit. on second thought, maybe it was my fault he missed the game films and talks with the coach to hang on to the friggin ball!? hahahaha... jk. he was a stand-up guy.

Tom Porras

LOL....Ezil Bibbs!!!!!.A very short career,only two years if memory serves me correct,but IMO one of the best names i've ever heard in the history of the C.F.L. I even once owned a cat that I named Ezil Bibbs,coolest cat I ever had:twisted: :twisted:

John Bonk - a centre who spent some time here before departing to Winterpeg Bombers.

He was a Hammer town boy.

As bad as Rogers was as a DB, he made one of the most memorable plays in Ticat history. In 1995, his rookie year, the 'Cats are in the Skydome playing the hated Argos. Late in the fourth quarter, the game is tied 13-13, when (Mike Morreale’s cousin), Paul Masotti catches a pass in the middle of the field and breaks clear of everybody, heading for the endzone for the winning touchdown. Sam Rogers is giving chase, but Masotti doesn’t notice. On the one yard line, Masotti hotdogs it and raises both his arms in the air at the same time Rogers arrives from behind to slap the ball out of his hand knocking the ball five yards deep in the endzone where Rogers promptly falls on the fumble. The game goes into overtime and the 'Cats win 20-16. One of the great Tiger-Cat moments in Toronto.

Does Rogers still own team record for longest kick return TD (113yds)?

Here's a few.
Gerald Bess - THE whipping boy on defense in early 80s
Leroy Paul- day patient HPH
John Priestner- Flipped the bird when it really meant something.
Corris Ervin - 92 East Final 'nuff said.
KD Williams- love the grill

Great lists! I almost forgot about (porous) Corris Ervin. For me the all time worst was coach David Beckman. Utterly embarrassing.

Jamie Boreham: Hands down the worst player on the Tiger-Cats.

i think corey grant returned a missed field goal 127 yards.

Ok I could be wrong on this knobs name and the word favourite doesn’t even remotely apply but Terry Guess…a late 90’s fly-in fly-out receiver that missed his flight for a western game, called a fan for a ride to the airport and acted like he couldn’t care less about missing the flight and even made the comment that it doesn’t matter if he makes it, “it’s not like we’re going to win”.

Later at a Cat Chat, (an old public meet n greet type event sponsered by molsons) he got drunk enough to spew his hate for Hamilton in front of a bar full of Cat fans. Hands down my ‘favourite’ J.O. that ever stepped on a field.
Ability? Nothing memorable.