Fav TiCat moment..

Simple. Post favourite Tiger cat moment. On field or off field and pick one from ol IWS and new THF or Guelph.

On field. Brandon Banks beating those dirty birds in EF in Guelph
On field. Jamal Johnson crushes Wpg qb Buck at IWS. Plays air guitar.
Off field. Its a toss up between the fishing boat and Austin putting a shoulder into Stalla.

It's a toss up between Rob Hitchcock obliterating Alouettes receiver Tyree Davis and Ozzy hitting the 54 yard field goal to put the Cats into the Grey Cup. Also against the Als

Old.... watching Ian Sunter kick the winning field goal for the '72 Grey Cup through a hole in the fence.

New... seeing our name on the Season ticket-holder's wall and remembering my dad.

My favourite - years ago when I was about 20 years old at Ivor Wynne Stadium - a game against the Stamps I was at with a friend from Calgary. He was wearing a cowboy hat so he had me join him in walking out onto the field during pregame warmups through an open gate. He looked like he belonged standing amongst the Stampeders. I had a Ti-Cats hat on.

When the players left to go to the dressing rooms after warmup my Calgary friend said - let’s go stand near the Stamps bench. Because I had a Cats hat on we first went over to another friend who had first row seats behind the Cats bench. He freaked when he saw us on the field but I threw him my Ti-Cats hat and me and my Calgary friend wandered over towards the Calgary bench.

Nobody asked us to leave the field so when the players got introduced we stayed there standing right on the sidelines right next to some Calgary players. At one point a security guy came up and asked to see our field passes and J.T. Hay the Stamps field goal kicker said to the guy - ‘They’re with us’ and they let us stay there for the entire game.

I did my best to not let on I was a Cats fan the entire game standing there amongst Stamps players but late in the game Leif Pettersen made a great catch for the Ti-Cats right in front of us and without thinking I shouted ‘Yes!’. Immediately I had a few Stamps players glaring at me - so quickly I said something like ‘Oh shit - I thought he dropped it’. Some bought it - but a couple of minutes later one of the Stamps players with a bit of a smile on his face said ‘You’re a Cats fan - aren’t you’. When I admitted yes - he just smiled and said something like ‘You might want to keep that to yourself the rest of the game’. That experience would be the neatest ‘moment’ personally.

And the Cats did end up winning too.

The others would likely be the same big plays many others will likely mention like the Ozzy field goal in the EDF or Sunter’s to win the 72 Cup.

Yah that's pretty cool. Hope my son thinks the same when he sees his name along with mine in years to come.

Defiantly, Ozzy hitting the 54 yard field goal to put us into the Grey Cup. My brother and I were sitting right on the goal line, I kept saying I don’t think he can make it and he kept saying he can, he can.
Also seeing our names on the wall was pretty cool too.

Growing up in Ottawa, it was tough being a Tiger-Cats fan. My parents were from Hamilton, so I ended up supporting the Ticats. But my sister cheered for the Rough Riders, as did almost all of my friends. This led to some great family rivalry, especially when Ottawa and Hamilton met in the playoffs.

Another problem with being a Ticats fan in Ottawa was that I seldom got to see the team play due to local television black-outs. The networks tended not to televise Toronto or Hamilton home games – the games would be blacked out in their biggest market, so why bother showing them at all – and all Ottawa home games were blacked out here. So when Hamilton came to town, I would try to go to the game. (I guess that was the point of the black-outs, wasn’t it?)

End-zone tickets were available through one of the grocery stores at a great price, so when we went to a game, that’s where we’d sit. And that provided the best seat in the house for my favourite Ticats memory. This was in Garney Henley’s hey-day, back when he played both directions, and returned punts as well. It just seemed he was on the field for the whole game.

Henley was having quite a game that day, and I remember that he had already made a number of great plays. But the one play I really remember was a double-reverse that had gone bad. Or at least that’s the way it looked to everyone in the crowd. Zuger had handed off to the running back on the reverse, who had flipped the ball to Henley coming around from the flanker position. Unfortunately, the Ottawa defence wasn’t fooled and had him bottled up. The crowd around me, my sister included, started cheering, knowing he was going to be caught for a loss. Suddenly, I noticed a lone Hamilton player wide open in the end-zone right in front of us, and pointed him out to my sister just as Henley stepped back and threw a perfect spiral for a touchdown. It seemed like I was the only person in the stands making any noise – the Ottawa fans were totally stunned.

I recently read a biography about Garney Henley, and it mentioned that he had hurt Ottawa in almost every conceivable way that game, with an interception, knock-downs, punt returns, running, and receiving. But it was this touchdown pass that I still remember to this day.

Beating the Als up in Guelph. I explicitly remember hugging a complete stranger in the stands.

I was listening to that game on the radio while playing football in the big parking lot behind the United church at Holton and Main. (This WAS our playground for just about everything. Those monkey bars left a scar in my forehead that's lasted 50 years! But I scored on the play!!!!!!)

Anyway, we were taking a break and I had my transistor radio listening to the game. The way it was described on the radio, Henley ran a good 40+ yards before he heaved that ball. Favorite play that I never saw!

That's how I remember it. Fleming (pretty sure it was him) took the handoff to the left (my right), and flipped it to Henley, who had started from close to the sideline on that side. Henley then ran almost to the other sideline before doubling back, and then scrambling around a bit. That attracted pretty much the entire Ottawa defence, and also allowed Fleming time to run into the end zone. Henley was just inside the right hash marks when he threw it to Fleming, who was on the left side of the goal posts. Not sure if it was a planned play or not, although I suspect it was.

Apparently I remember the play completely wrong. Not a left-right double reverse at all, just Henley running left and then right. And it was Gabler in at QB, not Zuger.

It definitely wasn't a set play, according to Henley.


My all time fav. came in 1986 - Al Bruno coached the Tiger Cats to an impressive Grey Cup victory beating Edmonton 39-15. The best part about the game was Hamilton leading 29-0 at halftime. Grover Covington put on a show :thup:

You're favorite moment sucks!!! Lol

I was an eski fan back in those days and that was paid full to watch :cry:

It was probably me.. anyone within arms reach was a victim lol

A favourite non-championship moment would have to be the boat celebrations in Winnipeg. :lol:

Same Ozzy moment. Time stood still. Everything was in slow motion.
And was it only 54 yards? Thought it was 154 yards...

Second was being at the greatest football game ever played.
Grey cup in Toronto
Sask vs Cats
The catch-Tony Champion
The kick- Robo kicker
think 1987
Sask QB-Kent Austin

That one's pretty tough to beat :thup:

  1. The Catch.
  2. Ozzy's 54-yarder.
  3. 1999 GC.
  4. Banks vs Montreal.
  5. Eating chicken wings at a dive bar in the middle of downtown with Eric Carter.