Fav CFL team besides Hamilton

Ive always been a fan of my home town Ticats, but what if they were out of the hunt for the play offs? who would you cheer for? Personnally, i would cheer for the Green Riders. I love watching Joseph and Armstead work together, as well as Keith. Ed Hervey has got to be one of my fav all time defensive players.

The Stampeeders Cause Danny is there..

Edmonton, because Joe and Davis are there.

I'd have to say Winnipeg or Calgary, I hate the Riders so this is the most logical choices.

Who ever is playng the Argos, when the Ti-Cats are not.

:thup: :)

Any team but the blue team.

The Renegades....oh wait Ottawa fans were screwed out of a team...keep having to tell myself it was not just a dream.

Me too same reason.

Not the Esks.. they've had their fair share of Grey Cups over the years. Would cheer for Winnipeg because of their greatimprovement thus far...

i agree! :slight_smile:

Argos. Sorry but I was raised by my Dad as a kid to like them. Cats are my favourite now but can't seem to get that double-blue out of me as my 2nd favourite. Obviously I wasn't born and raised in Hamilton, I know.

BANNED!!!! :twisted:

For life Fletch or just to detention hall for a bit until someone knocks some sense into me?

The jury is still out on it.

Saying your a Tiger-Cats and an Argos fan is like saying your wet and dry at the same time.

Oil and water, there is no mixing the two.

Well stated! :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

Well stated! :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

So what do I do then Fletch to resolve this wet/dry dilemma (have had this for a long time), go see the TiCats shrink for help?


Go watch baseball. :stuck_out_tongue:

That is your punishment.

No way in hell, that would be the ultimate torture anyone would give me, especially if it involved watching a game at the most unbaseball looking park in all of baseball - the archaic round domed Rogers Centre. Yikes!!


no one.