Fauld for CFL QB!

Its time we had a Canadian born QB in the CFL. Michael Fauld seems to be a great candidate considering his track record. Lets lobby the league to revise the Canadian player ratio to allow for a Canadian QB without adversely affecting the ratio. As I understand it, the ratio rule currently works against the inclusion of a Canadian QB on CFL teams.

:cowboy: [url=http://www.cfl.ca/article/cis-uwo-s-faulds-breaks-passing-record]http://www.cfl.ca/article/cis-uwo-s-fau ... ing-record[/url]

It would be nice if there was an incentive system of some sort to get some CIS qb's in the league, if they're good enough of course.

No question, they have to be good enough. But that can only be known for sure if they're given a shot. :cowboy:

If there were any good enough, there would be CIS QBs on CFL rosters.

And while I used to think that the ration rule actually hurt Canadian QB's, it doesn't.

Agree wholeheartedly with that High Five. To me it's like, I forget what they call it, but hiring minorities in positions. There has to be a standard, a very decent respectable standard, for anyone applying for a job that needs to be set. When you have x number of applicants fitting this standard and there are pluses and minuses to all the candidates, then I don't have a problem with the minority being hired and given a shot if truly the management believes this person is as good as the best out of the bunch to perform. People say it has to be "the best", but what is "the best" if you have 5 candidates that are all excellent and each brings different positives and negatives? A crap shoot. So you don't just necessarily take a minority but if there is legislation you have to have so many minorities in your organization, then I don't see a problem in this scenario where there isn't sufficient evidence that any candidate among 5 is really any better than another. If there is no minority to fit the standard, then you should never be forced to hire the minority and allowed to hire whomever out of the bunch you think is the best fitted for the position. This is where I feel there needs to be more flexibility in the CFL with the ratio, it's too etched in stone right now.

Are you suggesting that there are 8 CFL-worthy QB's from the CIS ranks, who deserve a paycheck as pro ball players?

If we're talking that kind of charity, I'd rather each team give $50,000 to a worthy cause of their choice.

I've said this before, no one is more cognizant (and active) in terms of signing, developing and playing local talent than the Riders. Notwithstanding this, the local QB they signed and took through camp last year was cut outright - not even a practice roster invite. And NO OTHER CFL team cared to bring him in for a look either. You think if he had even a faint hope he'd be kept around somewhere for PR's sake, right? The fact that he wasn't, and is today trying to catch on in Arena2 ball, says all that needs saying to me.

Look, CFL teams have a hard enough time developing legitimate starting QB's from the legion of players the NCAA system spits out. And now you're going to force them to pick 8 from a pool of what, 27 or so CIS schools?


Here's the deal Artie, you and me are not coaches in the CFL and we know basically diddly about evaluating talent. All I ask, I suppose I'm saying, is give me a set of standards, objective, from current CFL coaches, that any qb should be able to do. I don't know, say ability to read a simple middle linebacker blitz. Or ability to throw the ball on a dart 20 yards. I don't know, I don't have a clue. But right now there are no objective standards I see in the CFL for qb's so it's basically up to the coaches, mostly American who watch practice and the first mistake a Canadian qb makes, he's gonzo. That is predjudice in my opinion. We talk about evidence in the legal system and in medicine, why not in all areas of employment?

So you and I are admittedly not coaches, yet you are telling them where they have to source the most important position on the team from?

Look, I know I don’t know much about anything, which is why I trust those who DO know to evaluate talent. If those who know best in Riderville tell me that the best CIS QB in 5 years isn’t good enough to occupy a spot on the practice roster of his home town team, a team who has has an EXPRESSLY-STATED policy of recruiting local players (that can play), who am I to doubt them? Given all of the local boys on the Riders roster, what possible motive would they have in releasing a local QB, if he had ANY ability to play?

And in terms of objective standards, let’s not kid anyone. I would suggest that most pro coaches will tell you that the vast majority of CIS QB’s don’t throw the ball well enough or hard enough to play at the CFL level.

If you’re serious about trying to develop Canadian QB’s - don’t give handout money to undeserving CIS grads. Spend that money on minor football programs and their coaches, and create some elite-level minor and high school football, and pay some people who know how to teach kids 12 and 13 years old the proper fundamentals of the position. If you really want a Canadian QB who belongs in the CFL, unless a one-in-a-million freak of nature comes along, you’re probably 10 years before that’s a reality. Andthat’s only if you develop the kids.

You won’t get their by forcing teams to rotate rookie CIS grads every year, because for all of those, it’s too late.

You have to get them when they’re kids.

I don't have a problem with that, if they aren't good enough, they aren't good enough. But then let's look at this ratio thing to begin with. Yes the qb is the most important position on a football team, so they say. But it's a team game. Then get rid of the friggin ratio and just go with the best at every position, get rid of this Canadian content stuff. It's a team game afterall. This ratio stuff just makes it that so many Canadian have to start, what is it 7, and so many on the team, despite their talent or lack thereof. Bush league, eh... As some would no doubt say...

This is why I want an all-Canadian CFL, then these stupid ratio non-ratio qb Canadian etc. arguments wouldn't happen. Of course we might be playing in front of 3,000 fans, hey sort of like the Argos in early and mid 90's :lol: With all this super American talent. :lol: :lol:

We, or I, have already gone over how we like to see the rule changed.

my question now is, even with the current rule, couldn't Fauld be signed as a QB to a team like say... Toronto?

He could/should be a potential goldmine for any CFL team if he plays in the CFL as well as he does in the CIS.

I don't have a problem with the ratio....probably because we're so used to it. And it's not uncommon in European hockey leagues, for example.

The difference to me between the ratio and a mandatory Canadian QB rule is twofold: (1) teams are not told where or how they have to comply with the ratio rules - Sask. starts a Canadian corner, unlike all other teams, but an import safety. Edmonton had dreams of an all-Canadian backfield at the start of the year. Winnipeg had not one, but TWO import kickers for much of the year. No one is saying "thou shalt have 4 NI offensive lineman", or whatever...; (2) unlike the QB position, there are actually Canadian kids (both CIS players and a healthy number of Canadians playing NCAA ball) who come out ready, or close to ready, to compete and play at this level. The same cannot be said of QBs. So, when Andy Fantuz occupies a Canadian roster spot, he belongs. The same cannot be said of Canadian QBs at this point. And, I flatly refuse to believe that you will get there simply by creating a charity spot for Canadian grads. As I said, you're 10 years too late with those players by that time.

And look, had Jesse Palmer not asked for $650K per year from Ottawa, we would have had a Canadian QB in the CFL. To me, that just supports my argument - if a Canadian is good enough, he'll get a shot. That Jesse, for whatever reason, chose another path doesn't change the fact that he's Canadian and was thought to be good enough. There hasn't been anyone that close since, but I don't believe any vast conspiracy is at play.

Why was Mr. Russ Jackson given a chance? Different times I know but I'd like to know this. He was a CIS qb out of McMaster, no reason why he should have been good enough for the CFL and excel as he ended up doing. :?

I could be wrong here, but I do believe that many CIS players are evaluated by professional scouts who rate them and publish the results for the pro teams to review. If a player gets high enough numbers he's usually invited to a camp somewhere. I seriously doubt it has anything whatsoever to do with the fact they are Canadian. Players do fall through the cracks however, particular in schools more off the beaten track.

Players need to make a team on merit alone. Nationality, beyond the current ratio, should play little or no part. When another great Canadian QB comes along, I believe he'll be given a shot, or he can try prove his talent at an open tryout camp.

I do wish there was some way to help develop players in the CIS, but I fear without sports scholarships the drain of talent South will be unstoppable.

Just to clarify, I don't think it should be mandatory to have a Canadian QB on the roster. I'd rather it be a viable option, where having a Canadian QB, even on the practice squad, doesn't use up a Canadian quota spot. I don't have a problem with the quota system, as long as its based on talent. Insisting on Canadian content creates an artificial demand which, in the long run, is intended to increase the breadth and depth of talent. It worked for the Candian music industry, but its gotta be more than just a quota requirement, like some of the posts suggest, it has to be linked to amateur and university development. :cowboy:

There are good CIS QB's now with great passing stats. As an Alouette fan I saw many very inept QB's occupying second string QB slots. I'm sure a top Canadian QB would have performed better than Ted White or the other jerks who occupied space on the bench! But, they have to have the opportunity!

Look Art they have to start somewhere, Its clear you hate CIS qb,s -thats your opinion, The argument is WHY put the time into the Timy Changs, or Lafores, when a CIS QB like Faulds, or Brannagan, or Sacobie could do just as well if given a chance, Besides having a few CIS qb,s in CFL wil help sell tickets esp in Ontario!! and arm strenth is not a issue!!

Part of the problem is that if a Canadian CIS QB plays his full 5 years in the CIS, he's likely 25 before he even gets to the CFL. The talent level in the CIS at the QB position leaves a huge learning curve when jumping to the CFL. The only advantage a Canadian QB has is he knows the rules and the field. Teale Orban was drafted by the Riders, came to training camp and was behind most of the other guys. He was arguably the top CIS QB at the time.

I don't hate CIS QB's...that's an absurd statement. I rather enjoy Canada West ball, and support my local team. I have 4 Rider season tickets, and 4 UofS Huskie season tickets. What I dislike is this assumption that there are these QB's out there, who, but-for their being Canadian, would otherwise be CFL'ers. I just don't believe that.

For one thing, I consider it arrogant for someone who's experience in pro football management or talent assessment is nil, to assume they can spot a CFL-ready QB, and that 8 GMs, 8 head coaches and 8 scouting departments, all of whom actually make their living on finding and developing quality football players, can't. Or, inexplicably, notice them but choose to ignore them. That's preposterous. If those who know thought that these kids could play, the'd bring them in. Jesse Palmer is one example. He opted out, but so be it.

The Riders had Orban at camp, as I noted before, and, despite their passion for developing Canadian talent, cut him outright. And if anyone had a shot at sticking based on geography and heritage, it was a Regina boy with the Riders. So, did they make a mistake? You tell me - no other CFL team tried to sign him, and he's now trying to play Arena2 ball. He was the best CIS QB at the time.

Someone said above that they have to start somewhere.....I agree, and explained about where they should start. Creating phony baloney spots for CIS grads is NOT where to start. Spend that money on elite level coaching and development at the youth level, and in 10 years, you may have something. Waste it on a 25-26 year old man who is developmentally 2-3 years behind his 21 year old NCAA counteparts, and we'll be having this conversation 10 years from now too.

I know, Russ Jackson was a Canadian - he was a one-in-a-generation player (he was the only Canadian to play QB in his era), and his place in CFL history is well-established. Maybe Palmer was our one-in-a-generation Canadian QB, but he opted for more (and more secure) dollars as a broadcaster in the US rather than join the Glieberman circus in Ottawa.

Maybe the league has to look at the possibility of increasing the roster by 1 player,with that player being a NI QB. I would have loved to see Teale Orban or Chris Flynn in the CFL.

First, I think its absolute BS that a Canadian 'can't' be good enough to play in the CFL.

But, if it truly was just a matter of Canadians being less skilled, ok I could grudgingly accept it. However, it is a ratio issue pure and simple, not a skill issue, and until they figure that out, a Canadian will NEVER get a chance to play, regardless of skill level.

I think the CFL needs to take the very bold and dramatic step of mandating there should be 1 Canadian QB on every roster. If for nothing else (and there are tons of reasons listed here why Canadian QB's should be on CFL rosters) than marketing. Fans would go crazy for Canadian QB's leading their team to victory and a regular Canadian starting QB would create a massive amount of interest in the league.

Someone mentioned Teale Orban earlier in this post. Unless you were there, you can't understand the level of excitement there was in the city to have Orban (plus Foord and Hughes in the backfield) during his 1 pre-season shot. And you're telling me the guy couldn't play??? All he did was take the team on a TD drive in his one and only chance to take the field. I've seen many other 3 string QB's come and go who have done far less than that.

But somehow in the CFL a guy like Ted White is a better option than a guy who has played the Canadian game at the highest possible level since he was 8. Give me a break.