Fat lady dressed in green!

It is overstating the obvious but this is it for the Riders. Win of nothing.

yup, Riders could be out after Monday if all things go wrong.

the Riders need B.C. to Lose, Hamilton to lose and to beat the Eskimos

that's just to get to week 16!

And I can see Tillman in the back singing the chorus… :x

Actually, they only need one of these scenarios to happen to stay alive to week 16.

Oh, and Ryan Dimwiddie may get the start at QB.

If they're not sure, Durant should probably sit. This season is over, and you don't want to make it worse and risk permanent damage.

It's funny but the Riders missing the playoffs seems to be the hottest topic in the CFL forum. Kinda makes you think the Riders are Canada's team. Even if you don't like them, those fans still talk about them.

Personally I think that BC should be the main topic out there right now. Sorry BC, we are stealing your thunder. :wink:

6 responses is hardly the hottest topic.

...I am very hopeful your penultimate keystroke was to add the smilie face thereby putting everything else in front of it in the realm of sarcasm, please confirm this is so...

even if B.C. wins and Hamilton loses, we're still out in the West. all we have then is for Hamilton to lose the remaining games, which we know won't happen.

Apparently the fat lady hasn't sung yet :roll:
She's preparing for her big comeback :lol:


I don't quite get your logic. Edmonton is 7-6 at the moment. They could still finish 7-11. Riders are 4-9 and could still finish 9-9. How does a B.C. win eliminate the Riders form the west? Even with a B.C. win they could still finish 8-10 which is behind 9-9.

Reading from the top, it was said that "if Riders lose, they are done" If Riders lose and B.C. wins, they have a mathematical chance to catch Hamilton. I have a mathematical chance of winning $50,000,000 on Friday too. The odds would be about the same.

basically the Riders need to beat the Esks to stay alive. That is a long shot, especially on the road. They are essentially out BUT should they pull off the miracle and top the Esks it would make an interesting finish as they would only need to get 1 more win than the Esks down the stretch, and the final game for these teams is against each other!

The Esks do play the Bombers, who will be hungry for a win ESPECIALLY if the bombers should lose this weekend. They also play the Lions, who are obviously hot at the moment. so they have a couple tough games ahead.

It is all a long shot, but it is not over.

Absolutely right, but as the original post says, if they lose on Monday, it is over!

Once again, if B.C. and Hamilton lose out, except for the game between them which ends in a tie, Riders are still in even if they lose this weekend and win out the rest of the way.

B.C. and Hamilton can't both lose out since they play each other once. They could tie but that is a long shot.

No matter how you slice it, lose on Monday and "The Miracle on Piffles Taylor Way", is exactly that.

Reder's must win on Monday.

Not to stick up for the Riders, but if ONE of BC or Hamilton lose out AND Saskatchewan wins out, the Riders would make the playoffs even if they lost on Monday. Saskatchewan would be 4-10 and could catch either BC or Hamilton (who would go 7-11). If the Cats win tonight and BC wins tomorrow, then it's win or their done for the melon heads.

I thought when i seen this post we were discussing one the Rider cheerleaders. :lol:

At Commonwealth; should be a good crowd on Monday with Riders/Eskies........cheerleading for a great Thanksgiving.

Not a fan of either team, but hope the Riders somehow upset the Esks. Not much hope for the Green nation if they lose this weekend. The little emotional bump they got from Miller coming back went away pretty quick. Even the argos game they won they should have lost if Toronto had even a mediocre offense! Jyles gave that game to the Riders with stupid turnovers in the 4Q.