Fastest player in the CFL

... according to the players themselves:

Before you watch - any guesses?

Peter Dyakowski ???? :slight_smile:

maybe fastest brain-wise? :lol: :lol: :lol:

That's funny - I almost wrote "Hint: it's not Dyakowski" in my original post, but figured why pick on the guy.

I've never seen any one like him. The way he can go from slow to full out is unreal.

Id like to race

wonder if he is as fast as giz.

Giz ran a 4.25 from what i can find.
Speedy was 4.43 in combine

T Underwood 4.3
And if im miss remembering here. Sinkfield ran a sub 4.2

So maybe i'll change my answer to Speedy isnt the fastest but he is the quickest.

Zero to holy smoke in nothing flat. Maybe not the fastest 40, but probably the fastest 10.

Perfectly said CFiO :thup: