Fastest Cat

After hearing TSN talk about Chevon Walker and Chris Williams and who might be faster if not the fastest in the CFL, makes one think. Have a race. Include Giguere. How hard could it be?...Fans and media here is the time and date. I want to know who's fastest as I can't find their 40 times. Good publicity too.
Maybe even include Diakowski. He's so smart.
I wouldn't entertain doing this until after we win the next 2 games though. :lol:

Sam Giguere 40 time 2008: 4.49
Chevon Walker 40 time 2011: 4.45
Chris Williams 40 time 2009: 4.28

So those are the 40 times in there draft years, personally I think Chris Williams is still the fastest but I think Chevy could give him a run for his money in a race. It would be cool to see Ticats TV set up a race between the 3.

Williams is likely the fastest player on the active team roster (and quite possibly entire league) although he admitted last season that the injured Terry Grant may have a slight edge.
The girlfriend and I are ardent CW fans as we are both small in stature as well, and enjoy rooting for the underdog.

Either way, the TiCats possess four of the fastest players in the CFL. :thup:
How cool is that. :cowboy:

If the Oline holds up this year, Burris could easily end up with 5,000-5,500 yds passing.

its nice to have fast players but I would gladly give up speed at RB for someone who can block. Cortez needs to find a way to get Avon in the line up for that 1-2 punch. I still feel Walker could be a returner and dont understand why he is not given a chance.

Yes, that would be the way to do it on Ticats TV.

Just found this.
Walker ran 4.28 seconds for the 40-yard dash during a Ticat off-season workout in Lakeland, Fla., and had barely regained his breath when Hamilton offered him a contract. It was the fastest 40 GM Bob O’Billovich has seen in his Ticat years and the fastest Walker has run outdoors.
Hmmm, same time as Williams.

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I think he was on kick returns with Giguere, but, surprise surprise, BC kicked to Giguere every time. I think they should have had Williams back there instead of Giguere. Giguere seems to just want to try running through people, which didn't work.

Did the Cats not also have the rights to Ben Johnson at one time, (post steroid revelation) and gave him a tryout, although discovered that he had hands like a water slide?

I was surprised we never saw Onrea Jones on returns. Wasn't he the DI instead of Knowlton this week? I didn't see him listed on the scratches but I also didn't see him on the field all night.

Onrea Jones was dressed and on the bench. He never saw the field once all night. I always thought the unwritten rule was that back-ups would serve time on the special teams if dressed for the game.

I do remember that. The Cowboys also contacted his agent around the same time.

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This I don’t get. If the team is not going to use Jones at all, why not make him the scratch and play Cobourne? Make him the DI for all I care, but I don’t understand why they would dress a rookie receiver and not play him as opposed to dressing a veteran running back that could have contributed on offense. The decision making leaves a lot to be desired, in my opinion.

At his age, Avon won’t be in the league much longer, then who will our pass-blocking RB be? The sensible thing is to coach up the young guys and work on their blocking in practice and games so we end up with a fast, explosive scoring threat who can also block. A lot of Avon’s blocking ability is built from experience, and if Avon isn’t our guy in the long term, it’s a mistake for the team to deprive his replacements of learning opportunities.

Me too. I like much of Cortez football philosophy when he signed, but I sure have trouble understanding some of his decisions.

I wish the Ticats had kept the other rookie RB, I think his name was Berezik. First exhibition game he showed real quickness hitting the holes and very good at blocking for the passer. I would like to have seen him kept around on PR as a potential eventual replacement for Cobourne.

I think that this is more an issue of Avon not being in "game shap" yet. Cortez said as much before the SK game, and it may still be true. If so, I expect Avon to "shape up", or he may be "shipped out". Remember, he asked for his release, and had a relatively easy-going off-season, workout-wise. He did not train as if he was going into training camp, did not benefit from going to training camp, and has had less time to learn the playbook ang get into "fighting trim".

The team dressed two backup receivers, Jones and Charbonneau-Campeau. I don't think it would have been wise to dress only one backup receiver - way too risky.

Isn't it risky to dress only one running back? I think it is more likely that a running back gets hurt and needs to be replaced than a receiver. There is risk no matter which way you slice it, but the reward of dressing Avon over Jones is larger than the associated risk.

Yes, but Stephenson is a hybrid back who could have replaced Walker at running back. Not as effective, for sure, but capable.

At least at running back if Walker was injured, Stephenson would have filled in at his spot. A bigger worry for me is dressing only one back-up offensive lineman, especially with Hage's knee condition, which was of mild concern going into the game. What would have happened if another O-linman was injured after Hage went out with his hamstring injury? This is a perfect example of why Congi should be doing both kicking jobs. Take Bartel out and dress an extra O-lineman. Bartel is doing an okay job at punting but I firmly believe Congi could do just as well.

Sure, he's capable, but he's never been given a shot despite being the all-time leading rusher in CIS history and there must be a reason for that. Also, if the team dresses Avon and Williams or Grant go down, you go to four wide and two backs. You'd have Stala, Fantuz, Giguère and Williams/Grant with Walker and Cobourne in the backfield. You could flex Walker out or motion him out of the backfield to get him into space. I just think that a Fantuz-Stala-Giguère-Williams/Grant-Cobourne-Walker sextet is more desireable than a Fantuz-Stala-Giguère-Williams-Grant-Stephenson one. That said, I hope that neither scenario is ever something that comes up.

Cortez is showing he really does not get how to feild a team with all his aces. I said this earlier, he is getting on my nerves and were only 2 games into the season. Obie needs to get in his ear. Walker has done well but the only reason his stats are what they are id because of 2 big plays. we need a RB who can wear the clock down as well as the opposing D. We will not win games on big plays alone as we showed last year.