Faster, stronger Ti-Cats: Kamau peterson

Faster, stronger Ti-Cats


28th August 2009


In previous years, this may be a game

that some would look past as
somewhat of a walk in the park,

but let me be the first to tell you

if you don't already know ...

those days are long over.

Hamilton is currently seated 2nd in the East division
and it's a game that has due attention paid to it

once it comes up on the schedule.

You're darn right,buddy. Do up your chin stap an get ready to rumble.

KP has always been one of my favourites. He is not only talented on the field, but is also mature, eloquent and a genuinely great guy.

I remember his days here - Kamau Incompleterson :wink:

Played well here, he was our leading receiver with a QB that couldnt throw and well... you all remember.

Classy guy, one of the nicest you'll ever meet that genuinely enjoyed playing here, although has become a star in Edmonton.

Classy guy, one of the nicest you'll ever meet that genuinely enjoyed playing here, although has become a star in Edmonton.
Yup, he did turn his game around... Wish we had his services for the last bunch of years. Character guys are the glue that holds teams together.

I refuse to judge any receivers who played for the Ticats in the past 5 years. They had no one who could get them the ball in a timely fashion, they had offensive co-ordinators who couldn't design plays to allow them to get open and an offensive line that did not give the QBs enough time to find open receivers. Despite these factors working against him, Petersen led the team in receptions. He is now proving how good he could have been with some competent players behind him....

8) And to think, the Cats simply released him at the end of the 06 season !!!!! :roll:

And to think we could have packaged him with a starting lineman for a backup QB :slight_smile:

Actually, he requested the release and Desjardins obliged him.
Bad for us great move for him in retrospect.

Mr Mass :oops:

Was going to say he jumped off a sinking ship but by that time the ship was 20 feet below the waves. He swam out of a sunken ship.

We lost a lot of high quality players (performance and character) during the past few years. Thankfully, Obie and Coach B have turned things around. Oh well, football goes on.

I remember them too. I was surprised to see him as top Canadian prospect for this year in some TSN Analyst's view. I think it might have been Ford. Anyway, Incompleterson (actually I shiver at the thought of those days) is 16th of the 17 top receivers in the league for yards per catch. Sounds like he's got a little Morrealitis too.

KP had difficulty in most of his playing time with both Winnipeg and the Ti Cats. He was always fast, had an ability to clear in the clear but would most often drop a long significant pass that was put right into his hands. Since with the Esks- he now is catching these passes- it must be the coaching. I would rate KP as one of the most improved players in the CFL.

I have to disagree. He played well in Hamilton. Didnt have as many drops as Winnipeg and IMO was handicapped (along with Flick, Vaughn, Brazzell) and other talented receivers we had here with Jason Maas. If we had a healthy QB, or even another year of Danny Mac, that group of receivers would have been very sufficient and would have had us back in the playoffs.

I agree with what Crash said...

Kamau Peterson is used to the speed of the CFL game,
he is relaxing and letting his natural talents take over

IMO, it is not the coaching Kamau is getting in Edmonton
it is the number of passes which are being thrown to him.

Kamau's pass reception totals are certainly way up now,

so he is probably not dropping many passes but I don't know
because the CFL he doesn't keep records of incompletions.