Fast Recievers

Which of all 11 Recievers do u think is the fastest? we have alot of fast ones i think Armstead is the fastest

I believe that DJ Flick would give anyone there a run for their money.

D.J. should also be our punt/kick return guy asnd that proves he's pretty fast, seeing as though he's broken punt return records before.


Flick is definetly up at the top of the list, along with Armstead and Hill. I think it is great that we have such speed at the wideout position, so we should see a lot of big plays this year.

I agree with GRGbleedgreen, Flick should be one of the returners with one of the other guys I mentioned above. Imo, we should have a very good special teams unit this season.

Dont forget guys that they have to be able to catch... In other words, its not all about the speed. Blocking is also ridiculously important.

what are they going to do with yeast he is a proven player in the cfl