Fa's ....who are we going after???

...I'd sure like to know the status of Hefney.....cuz if we lose him.......target Lin J. Shell or Tisdale
...I wouldn't mind seeing Tad Crawford given a look.... an ni signing is a good thing
...If we don't re-sign Khan......Hudson could be considered
...Wayne Smith is another consideration... he could be a nice addtion..although i doubt Labatte is heading off to the nfl this year...Smith would be a safe-guard
... I liked the play of Ramon Guzman....if Joe Lobo isn't brought back....take a shot at Guzman..We can re-work the d line
I'm pretty sure all of these guys have been considered....now it's the money game :wink:

IIRC Mack said they were close to re-signing Hef and Khan. Someone at EP said they saw a report that Guzman was close to re-signing with the Als.

There are other FA LBs not listed who will likely be available - Rey Williams will be FA and reports are saying Tillman wants to sign him which would mean Mo Lloyd would be released. And whether Lobo gets any action or not is yet to be seen.

As I mentioned in another thread, I don't expect much action on the free agent market, aside from our own guys. Hefney will be the big one. If Khan resigns and doesn't go to Sask as has been suggested elsewhere then I don't expect another move there.
Wayne Smith would be interesting but he's missed most of the last 2 years with big time injuries. The price would have to be right on him to bring him into camp to fight for a job. However, having 4 import tackles on the roster is a pretty strong indicator that, for now anyway and barring any roster shakeup, the team is likely to start imports at both tackle spots. If you're only playing 3 NIs on the line you don't need as many backups. It doesn't look like LaBatte is getting his NFL shot so he'll be back, plus Khan if he resigns, add that to Kowalczuk, Greaves, Fritz, Donnelly, and Morencie who are listed on the roster. Plus I fully expect them to draft another NI olineman. That would put the blue at 8 NI's for basically 3 spots on the oline. Wayne Smith would be an upgrade, but again it comes to price. I've heard people suggest Brian Ramsey from the Ticats also, might be someone u kick the tires on if the price is right. Hudson from the Ticats? If Khan resigns i would imagine Centre comes down to a competition between him and Morencie with the loser taking on a versatile backup position.
I would've kept Stephenson over Sadegheian since they are almost the same physically, Stephenson has had more impact on the field, what little he's had, than sadeghian, and since Oosterhuis was resigned do we need 2 fullbacks on the roster the way the game is played? Plus I still have a sour taste from that handoff to Sadeghian in Toronto early last season on 3rd and short, Sadeghian looked powerless as he got stopped for a loss. A fullback needs to have some oomph, a la Mike Sellars.
Pappa- Tad Crawford doesn't get me too excited. He struggled playing regularly in BC and he's not going to displace Logan. Would he be a better backup to Logan than Browne? Would he be a significant upgrade over James Green or JR Jules as STmers?
The main spot up for grabs would be MLB as I don't expect JoLo to be back. My guess, and its only that, is that Rico McCoy is probably penciled in here as there aren't a lot of options here. Blue Blood brings up the names Rey Williams maybe displacing Mo Lloyd - I think the only advantage to Lloyd over JoLo is his experience but skill wise I don't think he's got as much left as the Barron did when he was shown the door. Sean Lucas from the Riders may be an option if either Hefney doesn't resign or if he can play the middle. If somehow Labbe was capable enough to play in the middle and we found a NI back up for him that would be a huge ratio changer, especially with starting 2 import tackles.

Mo Lloyd and Lobo are exactly the same age and by exactly I mean they were even born on the same day - Feb 15, 1983 so they'll be 28 on Tuesday. Simpson, on the other hand, turned 33 in October. People seem to think Lloyd is older than he is because he's been in the league longer.

I don't think the Riders will go after Khan if he hits FA since they just spent big bucks on Gauthier. They have a lot of high priced NI vets they have to deal with on their o-line already.

Don't judge Sadeghian on that one play - any FB would have been handled the same way IMO. He's really good on ST and seems to be liked more by Lapo plus it was reported that Stephenson will be testing the FA waters.

Tisdale would be a massive aquisition for you guys.He's a young and VERY talented DB, and I don't care what Thompson's INT's say, Tisdale was ALWAYS the better DB.

Other than Khan & Heffney don’t expect much action unless Labatte bolts, but even then get ready for the youth movement.

What about Adam Nicholson? Big NI receiver that Obie was expecting big things out last season before he suffered a concussion. Just a suggestion......

He'd be great depth if that's what they want, but i'm not sure he's capable of too much more.


Stamps sign Larry Taylor who was released by the Als. What caught my eye in this article was, after losing Browner to the NFL,

"It was evident that, with the loss of Brandon Browner and the unlikelihood of signing Dwight Anderson, we lost some play-making ability on our football team," said Stampeders head coach and general manager John Hufnagel. "So we went out and signed the best playmaker available. Larry is a dangerous returner and can be used as both a running back and wide receiver in our offence."
So is Calgary just cap strapped or is Dwight Anderson really hoping to cash in big time? Could that impact on what it will take to get Hefney's name on a contract?

That would be big for Calgary to lose another all-star corner in one off-season. And im not sure what signing Larry Taylor has to do with losing those two all-star corners. They didn't return kicks and Taylor doesn't play defense.

...Sounds like Hefney has counter-offered Mack and we have upped the ante with a substantial offer, on Wally and the leos...I'm putting my money on us retaining his services UNLESS Buono goes nutz with the vault...Knowing how he operates, i think he'll withdraw his interest....Should know shortly... :wink:

...Also Labatte looks to be returning from his sojurn down south...Guess he didn't get what he was looking for..We should hear on his status shortly as well.... :roll:

Just some rumours i heard through the grapevine but i hope it is true:

  1. Hefney and the BB'S have agreed to terms

  2. Labatte set to announce he will be back in Blue and Gold

  3. Bombers and Khan have reached an agreement

If this is all true then i am a happy camper :rockin:

I know Mack said we won't be major player's in FA, but like others have mentioned he has a damn good poker face, my wishlist is as follows:

IF Hefney did not reach an agreement as speculated ------ Tisdale, just as young and as good, maybe better than Hefney.

Jermaine Reid ----- due to the fact that he is a NI and depth is alway's good, should come pretty cheap.

Huntley ----- highly doubt this will happen with the re-signing of Smith, but imagine a dline with Willis, Brown, Huntley, Smith and other's like Donny O etc. ----- that is a mean line!! I can dream ... lol ...

Ramon Guzman ----- could step in and replace Lobo easily, but at what cost? He is apparently close to re-signing with the Als according to Als fans, but i do recall Guzman stating that he wants to start and not back up Emry .... time will tell!!

We should look at Keeping as our first NI OL choice, price may be high but he is only 28 and has a ton of CFL experience, Ramsey or Wayne Smith are older but may have a place in Bomberland.

Others have mentioned other names like Nicolson at WR, if he is cheap enough sure give him a shot, NI depth is good even as a ST'er ........ I would pass on Hudson (age and injuries), pass on Archibald (we don't need another import OL), pass on Anderson, pass on Kelly Campbell. Imports can be easily found so i would concentrate on NI and MLB (Guzman).

That being said when it comes to other teams cuts, Mack hit the nail on the head, many good player's will be released between FA and June due to cap restrictions, we could save $$$ and grab some good player's cheap as well, so i am not in panic mode, things should be more clear come TC and i have a feeling we will have a solid team.

LOOK AT THE FUTURE ----- there are some players that are not likely to be here beyond 2011, so we should start looking for replacements sooner than later ----- Examples are Brown, Edwards, TJH ..... Brown being the NI and BIG force he is will be the hardest to replace after this season but Edwards (who i think still has 3 good years left, but ya never know) and TJH can be replaced by Mack though his scouting skills, who knows maybe TJH will try the NFL and not make it (i wish him luck in 2012,but being realistic) we would welcome him back with open arms.

THAT BEING SAID? What ever happened to crybaby Titus Ryan? isn't he a FA now? He shot us down and he has not surfaced anywhere, sucks to be him, big whiner!!!

Well said jordan, I noticed that too. . . odd to say the least.

.....Guzman or Huntley 'could' be a surprise signing....out of the two, i'm leaning towards Guzman...we'll see... :roll:

Guzman makes more sense than Huntley. . . Huntley is primarily a DT not a DE and you're pretty solid in the middle of the line as it is. Plus, no obvious 'connection.'

On the other hand, if you're letting Lobendahn go then there is a vacancy at MLB which Guzman could fill, and the DC in Winnipeg is Guzman's former DC in Montreal, Tim Burke, so there is a connection.

,,Hefney is about to announce he is returning to the Bombers (a pretty good source) :rockin:

...Wpg. Sun is now confirming Hefney stays in BlueNGold for 2011...Definitely a must sign and a great sign for the future of this club......GoBigBlue :thup:

Thats a big one for the Bombers, meanwhile Obby Khan is asking for around $120,000

Not sure Khan is worth that much.

I think its means they needed a better kick returner since they will be returning more kickoffs without both of their all star corners.