Well, lets bring him here..im 100% sure he has a few years left, He onyl retired becuse he wanted to retire on a good season! hahaha im j ust joking! but NFL or CFL its always sad to see such a good gun slinger retier! Like the NFL or not he was an AMAZING person Such a team leader and I hope the rest of his life is amazing!!:). Heres to you farve!!:slight_smile:

Let The Man Retire in Peace.

I don't care for Favre the man or the player. I have never been a fan. Something always irked me the wrong way. That and I'm a Bills fan.

He had an amazing Hall of Fame career and he is one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. He is still good enough to play 3-4 more years and lead the Pack to the playoffs.

In the end, his #s speak for themselves. He never had the world's greatest team like Aikman or Montana but he worked with what he had.

Plus retiring as a multimillionaire isn't that bad as well!

"Farve"??? Nice post but you really should know how to spell his name!
He was a gunslinger for sure...lots of passion and excitement for the game. He'll be missed.
Too bad he did not have to retire knowing his last pass was intercepted...and I really did not enjoy seeing him crying like a baby throughout his retirement announcement. Lets hope all that is forgotten soon and he is remembered for his great play. It could be a while before we see another like him.

After 17 years of perfecting the NFL game, I bet it would be very difficult for him to adapt to the CFL.

In my OPINION, "THE STREAK" is the single GREATEST sporting record of ALL-TIME.

275 Games at the TOUGHEST, most demanding POSITION in Football ... without a miss ...

It could be a while before we see another like him.
I'd be willing to bet you will NEVER see another like him. There may be a QB or two that will challenge his Passing Records ... but 275 games without a missed START ... NEVER.

Happy Trails Mr.Favre ... and thanks for the memories.


Maybe Tillman has something up his sleeve?? Bret Favre would be a huge Draw , And if he did come to the CFL ,It would be for the love of the game , Not the coin :cowboy:

Vince Ferragamo would probably agree with that statement! :wink:

I bet that Favre would love the Canadian game. It suits a gunslinger. Hope he comes up and has some fun.

Let him retire, and build a fort with all the money he has. You could tell during the playoffs that he had had enough of football. Sad to see him go, but it was time.

Speechless. how so?
anyone that knows about football would know that a man doesnt get tired in the playoffs and want to quit. that is why you play the game. football players as their years get on have to face the decision as soon as the season ends. you take a break and you have to ponder if you have it in you to climb the mountain again. its a never ending cycle train get in shape mini camps training camp preseason season playoffs. start all over again. favre is a 1st ballot hof. has all hte records that mean anything for a qb and is a very emotional player. I think that his retirement is more due to emotional wear and tear than his body. but to say that during the playoffs he had enough is idiotic.

Did you watch the playoffs? The cold weather got to him, his demeanor was not Brett Favre like. Just watching him, regardless of his play, I knew then that he was going to retire. I never said he was going to give up during the playoffs, he just didn't look like what I would call the "normal" Brett Favre.

Glad you can leave personal attacks out of this too.

God bless brett favre , i wish him all the luck in the world. He truly is one of the 'good guys' in sport and a class act all the way. I cant say enough about him as a football player and a person, he is a genuine human being. His dedication both on and off the field has helped both the community and league and today is truly a great day for anyone who is a lover of sports or life in general. Sometimes in our life we meet athletes who are great and human beings who are great and brett favre trancends all the boundaries of sport and human kind and shows us we are all human yet we all contain the ability to rise above our limitations and reach greatness. I dont think bretts contributions to the planets well being will truly be appreciated till long after he has left us all, much like mozart or bethoven before him, he is truly an artist that wont be understood completely until his lifes work is complete. The man, the myth, the legend.....brett favre, a gentleman, an enigma, a superstar who never sought the spotlight yet.....in many ways he WAS the spotlight is retiring and right now I am at a loss for words as to how I feel about this but maybe america, that is best because when the final whistle blows on this great carreer and we are left wondering where to look for future heroes we will know that there was a time and whistle and a play and an audible that the man, brett favre made us all forget about the toubles and fighting and suffering on this planet and jump from our seats and reach out for a pass in the hopes we too could feel just some of the glory. For that mr favre I thank you, god bless you, and god bless america!

all i can say is beautiful.beet,your tribute to a real american hero was truly moving. it brought a tear to my eye. now excuse me while i get a tissue.

Brett Favre is truly a class act, the likes of which you will never see in the CFL.

From the "Brett Favor" announcement at the NFL Draft to, well, icon. Records don't lie. He has the rep, the swagger, and the ring to seal his ascension to Canton in 2013.

Lots of luck to Aaron Rodgers. ROTFLMFAO...well, he does have big shoes to fill and expectations to meet getting the keys to a 13-3 vehicle. It will be fascinating to see how The Pack manage the transition (i.e. will Rodgers roll or will a vet come in to keep it together until another longterm solution is found)...

The streak is something I seriously doubt I'll see again unless Peyton Manning plays Cal Ripken to Favre's Lou Gehrig and passes Brett. Regardless, Brett Favre was a privilege to watch, Sunday in, Sunday out.

Oski Wee Wee,

Please explain how the league you play in makes you classy?

Danny McMannus?
Pinball Clemons?
Gizmo Williams?

Do none of these fine athletes have that amount of class?

8) What about your own namesake, Mike Kerrigan !!! Are you going to say that he had no class ????

One of the most absurd comments I have ever read on this site !!!! :roll:

Wasn`t Farve and some teammates involved in some sort of problem at a party with underage or younger females ?? I could be wrong , correct me if i am please .