Farve or Favre??

I've always wondered why the heck Brett "Farve" (ie. Favre) has his name pronounced incorrectly. It's something that's bugged me for the entire duration of his lengthy career. Any explanations?

Understand that when people pronounce Favre as “Far –Ve,? it is a linguistic phenomenon called “metathesis.? Metathesis occurs when two neighboring sounds in a word switch places.

Metathesis occurs with many words in English and other languages.
Some examples in English include "comfortable" pronounced as "comfterble," "spaghetti" pronounced as "pasghetti," and "asterisk" pronounced as "asteriks."

Metathesis is a controversial linguistic phenomenon. Some linguists believe metathesis is primarily the result of speech errors and childrens’ talk, and is not a regular process. Other linguists believe metathesis can be a regularly occurring process of phonology that affects only a small number of words or forms in a particular language.

If the phenomenon of metathesis is removed from the phonological equation, the name Favre should be pronounced “Fav-Re.?

Good answer, thanks. Never heard of metathesis.

Does that phenomenon exist in names though? I always thought there was no right or wrong way to pronounce a name, it's just preference as to how the person wants it to be pronounced?

I very well could be wrong though.

wasn't their a guy on the leafs a few years back and his name was spelled "Pilar" but pronounced "Pilash" ?

What about even Toews, pronounces Taves

There is something to the 'metathesis' argument. We all do that sometimes.
But, I think also it pertains to what I have perceived as a reluctance on the part of Americans to even attempt to pronounce 'foreign' names properly.
We look at 'Favre' and we see what is really a French name, and accept it as such. But the Americans tend to Americanize it.

Remember some years ago , there was a young runner from New England whose name was Benoit.
We automatically pronounce that 'Ben-wa'.
But she, her family, and all the American media pronounced it 'Ben-oyt'.

Go figure!

This is the best answer that I have ever seen for a question… What are you a linguist or somthin…

This is not about metathisis, or whatever, it is about illiteracy.

As was pointed out years ago during the TV broadcasts, when Brett's grand-pappy came to America, he spelled his name incorrectly on the immigration form. That spelling stuck. So his name is pronounced correctly, but spelt wrong :slight_smile:

A friend of mine recorded a 1995 playoff game between Baltimore and Toronto (it was being shown on ESPN Classic Canada or something).

Pierre Vercheval was playing for the Arogs ... and you should hear how the Americans (on ESPN2) pronounced it. Completely butchered. "Ver-CHEV-ole" I think it was ...