Farve in the CFL, would not make 3rd string

Look the way be plays their easy no contact on NFL qb`s game, he and Brady can have lunch and then throw the ball on their tiny little outside arena size field, kids size football field. He would be a joke just like their extremely overrated game and players!


...you forgot to say 'in my opinion' before your rant...

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Anyhow - the post was not thought out very clearly. There is a long list of CFL - NFL QB's that did well both sides. Farve may not be the scrambling man that flutie was but then again neither was Warran Moon to name just one lead footed QB that did well in both leagues. Farve will NEVER play in the CFL because the money is too good in the NFL. I'd like to see him end up in Arizona to replace Vick but that's just me

Don’t you mean Atlanta? AS for what the thread is about, Favre is old, he should retire. When will this guy move on? Isn’t he like 38 years old?

We are all just bad people.

yah sorry - Atlanta.


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and the purpose of this thread is???????????

Favre is old now but he would have been great in the CFL, I have no doubt.

You know he didn't have a clue when he called being a QB easy. I'm a lineman get hit every play, but I see them coming. Just say you hate the NFL and move on. No need to be hating on a legend. Yeah, he's old, past his prime, but he can still ball.

Oh, he might have been if he for some reason had chose to play here in his prime. As for now, no way.

In trying to decipher this, I believe you think that Favre would not make it in the CFL. I disagree with you, I believe he could have been a big star here, a great QB can play in either league. Just ask Doug Flutie and Warren Moon.

It does take a slightly different skill set to be successful in the CFL compared to the NFL. I agree that most of the greats would do well in either league, but some never make the adjustment. That goes both ways.

Well put Retri

I think he's got a few years left. No doubt the Argos would start him if they could get him.

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