Farm Teams

Hockey has them.

Baseball Has them.

CFL has Practice rosters.

What do you all think about the CFL having farm teams. Just like Hockey and Baseball, we could have a farm team for all the 3rd and 4rth stringers in each of the CFL Parent clubs.

Lions Farm Club could be in Kelowna.
Calgary’s in Lethbridge
Edmonton’s in Fort MacMurray
Saskatchewan’s in Saskatoon.
Winnipeg’s in Brandon

And the Eastern Clubs all have big cities close by to “man” Their farm club.

Minimum Salary could be set. When the parent club has an injury, you just call up some one on the farm. The farm clubs would only play in their own division, to minimize travel costs.

What do you think?

You just described a practice roster.


…correct me if I’m wrong but I think we already have this system, sort of…Shivers finds the talent and brings them into the league, after a year or so the good players move to Calgary, Edmonton or BC and when they are almost washed up they are shipped to Winnipeg…

You’re right R&W …Silly me…I’ll go back to sleep now!

Statik, the only difference would be that these teams would play scheduled games in these small town venues.

The CFL used to have farm teams. In fact, some of them played in the Grey Cup. I think it was called the Ontario Rugby Football Union (or was that senior football?) I believe it was folded when the people involved came to the conclusion that they just couldn’t compete anymore.
If there was to be a new farm league, It should probably be based out of Ontario. If you had teams throughout western Canada, it would be a logistical nightmare. Look at what happened to the Canadian Baseball League. I doubt they could use airlines, so busing would have to be done, and the distance between Kelowna and Brandon is too great. It would take a day to get there. Plus, the players would have to be payed (salary, travel expenses, etc.) A practice roster does not have enough people to form a team.
Ontario has the infrastructure for such a league - ex. short distance between teams, stadiums that are big, cities that are big, etc. The biggest problem would be interest.

That was not nice! Besides you said Roy Shivers was useful.

why is there a Win in Winnipeg?.. youd figure they would have lost it by now…

Right now, players from any CIAU, Junior & Senior teams have the opportunity to be drafted (technically) … I don’t see the advantage (to anyone) for a league of teams full of potential draftee’s … ? If anything - it would destroy a good portion of the talent in the CIAU, Junior and Senior leagues that have been around forever …

I don’t think you’ve thought about this very much …


I wasn’t advocating stealing the players still playing CIS. These would be graduate players and players cut from training camp… Instead of 4-5 guys sitting around on a practice roster, and 25-30 guys going home and waiting by the phone, a small farm league may be useful. Zartan pointed out something to me that there is a senior mens league in Ontario. We have no leagues like that out west. After CIS or Junior…It’s caput! Nothing but Flag or Touch ball. Zartan also pointed out that the travel could be a larger expense. Perhaps if the league he speaks about is big enough, for all nine teams to “sponsor” and fill out rosters with players cut at training camp, it may serve a useful purpose.

Just food for thought!

What the hell are you talking about? No Senior teams out west? You should do your homework before posting messages you clearly no nothing about!!

I play with the Calgary Thunder ( in the AFL (Alberta Football League - Which is made up of 10 very competitve teams … The league is made up of players with highschool, university, and pro experience … and a few players from last year have even headed to Europe, and a few are in CFL camps right now … As far as I know, Winnipeg still has a senior mens team as well …

PS. fagfootball hardly counts as ‘football’ … might as well be playing ultimate frisbee with the rest of the girls and flamers …


Statik, you’re awfully ornery today…easy does it! I had chatted with a buddy in Alberta, and either he didn’t know or didn’t tell about your Senior league that runs in various prairee towns. May be it is my fault for assuming that since no news meant no league, then I was wrong, and I apologize for that. As I said, Out here on the Pacific, we’re pretty limited after CIS. The idea of this post was to generate some discussion about farm structures that other sports currently use.

Does Anybody Have Any Information They Can Give Me On The Adult Leagues In Ontario, I Played COMFL Last Year But I’m Too Old Now And I’m Looking At Continueing My Football Career. I Know That There Are Teams Out Of Oshawa, K&W, And Markem I’m Just Wonderring If Anybody Knows Anything About This League.

Not sure if this is what you’re looking for …
For some bizarro reason I was under the impression that Thunder Bay had a senior team as well … Maybe its just the jr. Giants out there … meh - not sure. In any case … this may be what you are lookin for …

(orrrrrr … you could move to Calgary and join us … heh!)…


Typically farm teams have not been used in football i think due to the short season in comparison to baseball and hockey. When you have only 18 game seasons, thats not alot of time to spend in bringing players up and sending them down since if there was a minor leage there would probally have to be a ton of rules like Baseball uses so teams could not stock up on players and basically ‘hide’ them away on a minor leage team. Just a thought.

Back in the early 90’s I prepared such a proposal and sent it along to Cal Murphy. I proposed an 8 team development league playing a 12 game schedule. I also sent along a costing analysis. Cal was very enthusiastic about the idea but his only objection was “who will coach?”
According to Cal the coaches association put on coaching clinics every year and the turnout was dismal to none. As it stands right now there are barely enough qualified people to coach college much less semi-pro. Solve the coaching deficiency and it could be a go.

[quote=“Zartan”]The CFL used to have farm teams. In fact, some of them played in the Grey Cup. I think it was called the Ontario Rugby Football Union (or was that senior football?) I believe it was folded when the people involved came to the conclusion that they just couldn’t compete anymore.

:) The old ORFU was a league in its own right while the othereastern league was called The Big Four. Teams like the Sarnia Imperials and London Lords made up a larger league than the Big Four. The ORFU played for the Grey Cup as did the University squads. The ORFU just ran out of money eventually and folded.

There are three Senior Football Leagues in Canada:
The Alberta Football League,
The Northern Football Conference (Ontario) - this league amalgamated with the Ontario Rugby Football Union, which is the league that I believe was the CFL’s farm league prior to the 1960’s.
And finally, the Maritime Football League (New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia).

Thunder Bay used to have a Senior team, but it folded after one season (a season where they won the Canadian Senior Championship). Te team was apart of the Manitoba Football League, which no longer exists.

Senior Football may be played in Quebec, but I don’t know. They used to have some teams in the Northern Football Conference, but that was many moons ago.

By the way, the CJFL is more of a farm league for the CIS. Look at all the players for the U of S Huskies last year. About a dozen or so joined the Huskies after injuries knocked out the starters. However, this is not in a normal sense, as many players join the CJFL for money (they receive $500 a year for playing), whereas they don’t get anything in the CIS (as far as I know).

I think the CFL should make the CJFL it’s farm league. I played with the Ottawa Sooners in Ottawa from 87-92 and we had a lot of good talent there. The teams are already in place so all the CFL would have to do is help finance the league a little and assign teams to the CFL. I think that would be a great idea. Then you could increase the age limit so it didn’t end at 21.

cowtown, farm team :wink:

Is that the Riders they have been playing like a farm team the last 15 years. Get Roy a pitch fork thats go haying!