Farhan Lalji: Teams are Confused about how Canadian Ratio rule will be Implemented

So much so, that some suspect this 49/51 rule might never happen.


very interesting indeed. thank you for posting this!

I can get that confusion. I have no idea how they'll actually keep track.

I vote they just simplify the rule so that each team must field at least 6 Canadians at all times.


Why not 24 CDNs, 19 imports and 2 globals. (With 3 players identified as Qb).

Well all be confused until the next CBA lol .

Will be fun to hear how this will be enforced. A byproduct of compromises this is.

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You know what I will say to simplify the rule. Chuck the birth certificate or passport or parent’s passport or student card and just put the best players on the field you can find. Easy peasy!


ratio is the dinosaur of CFL rules and should be extinct. it's no longer relevant. all the ratio does is over-value mediocre players. moreover, canadians like the Philpots and Judge do not need passport favors.



From 2022.

There shouldn't be any confusion. They keep track of how many snaps players are on the field for for bonuses anyways.


Just FYI all sorts of other pro sports leagues around the world have "ratios" to ensure local or homegrown / national talent get a chance to play in the pro league in their own country. European hockey, Japanese baseball, even English Premier football (soccer) are a few examples.

Not sure how many of those leagues allow a large majority of on field decision making to be handed over to thinkers from another country instead of having knowledgeable people from their own country have lots of say, like the CFL does ? But they still have ratios.

Ignoring the factor of who makes the decisions on rosters and who gets to play - their backgrounds, biases, preferences - is not getting the picture. Biased myopics often "over-value" their guys.

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i just don't believe the ratio is relevant in today's CFL, given canadian talent has improved somewhat and the economic landscape is no longer the same. i think the quality of play would increase immensely if the ratio was ditched and decent canadian players would earn their spots and their wages. i mean Lamar Durant is a prime example of why the ratio is absurd.


Jordan Williams doesn't need a ratio rule to make the CFL at starting LB. but Lamar Durant does to be a second string receiver and he get's paid pretty well to be worse than mediocre, and he takes the place of a better player simply because of his passport.

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Were you around to watch CFL football back in the 70s thru 80s say (times of great, outstanding CFL ball) ? - when the ratios featured a majority of Canadians on rosters and 10 or more Canadian starters ? You believe the "quality of play" in the CFL now or the past couple of decades has improved significantly with the Americans running the CFL getting the roster content pendulum to swing to more of their guys ? You're not ok with Lamar Durant playing receiver but you are ok with the likes of Markeith Ambles or Darvin Adams stone hands types getting repeat CFL playing time chances?


ratio?!!! Nic Demski don't need no stinking ratio!

The ratio can be a neat part of the league if done properly. This is a textbook example of it not being administered properly.

Simplify the rule to 6 Cdn starters so the ratio actually becomes a logical part of the game strategy for teams.

What they have now does not accomplish this and instead is confusing for both fans and apparently now players too


That would require sanity and intelligence. If I was to seek these qualities, I would not look for them in the League office.


lol. well apparently many work out of office nowdays. especially during offseason.

Interesting. I did not know that. But I still think it would add another column of things to count and who qualifies for which type of count.

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yea i remembered this from a bonuses discussion topic awhile back somewhere saying guys were not getting playing time so teams didn’t have to pay the bonuses.

it’s actually pretty unreal how many team and league statisticians are at games. in the NFL it is mind boggling.

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I can get behind that. I had the idea of requiring four nationals in for every play, which would require about as many total nationals on the roster as now. A minimum of six nationals would be just fine with me.

I would like to see more Canadians on coaching staffs if possible. While many Americans have adapted to 12man 3down, I'm afraid that a lot pressure from American coaches COULD result in a more "Americanized" game.