Farewell to CFL you loved

Farewell to CFL you loved

Bruce Dowbiggin, Calgary Herald

Published: Saturday, February 02, 2008

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excerpt...the hit is on.

Until now, Goodell's predecessors, Pete Rozelle
and Paul Tagliabue, cleared their throats

and shuffled their Guccis

whenever the Centre of the Universe
getting an NFL team was raised.


  1. the dollar at par;

  2. the NFL's voracious appetite for cash

  3. Toronto's willingness to abase itself
    for any terms, any price,

    have proved too tempting for
    Goodell and his bosses.

Or perhaps it might be more accurate to say
Goodell's boss in Buffalo, the venerable
octogenarian Ralph Wilson,

who sees a corporate cash box 120 minutes
away in Toronto and wants to pick the lock.

Wilson already gets about 15 to 20 per cent
of his clientele from Canada,

but they aren't the suite-buying,
canapé chomping, expense-account crowd

that awaits in Toronto. Hence,
getting to The Big Smoke pronto...

another quote

'If Toronto embraces the $250 times eight NFL experience,
you don't think there will be fewer games in Toronto, do you?

Canada could become the NFL's ATM to be milked
whenever the urge strikes for quick cash.

As the fifth-largest local market in
North America, that's a lot of milk.

I dont see why a team would ever come to Toronto with LA still available. When the dollar dips down the NFL owners will take a huge hit on revenues.

There are no really new sponsors, no new tv deal, really no additional revenue outside of maybe being able to charge a little more per ticket then in Buffalo.

Also, Rogers Centre in no way even comes close to meeting MINIMUM seating reqirements for an NFL stadium. I'm not an engineer or architect, but any moron can see that there is no way seats can be added to the existing structure. So... has anyone figured out how much a new stadium is going to cost...(and who's going to shell out for it?)

Wow Bruce, that's a very unique title for an article right now. I see your creativity hat is tightly secured on. 8)

STOP IT. theres so many threads announcing the death of the CFL, it's not going to happen for 3 reasons. 1. Vemue- Rogers Centre does not meet the minimum requirement for seating capacity, the smallest is Lambeau Field at 60, 000, and that is the smallest by a few thousand seats. 2- television contracts- the nfl would not own the tv contracts up here, why would they come here? they would lose alot of money. 3- more logical locations- LA, Los Vegas, San Antonio and Columbus just to name a few. they would make much more money there, with much larger venue's. it is not going to happen, atleast not for another decade.

I said goodbye to the CFL I loved a long time ago. The league has much bigger things to worry about...like playing an 18 game schedule with only 8 teams. With 2 exhibition games (always home and away against the same team) and playoffs you can play the same team as many as 7 times in one season. The end result is boring predicatble games. The league needs to focus on providing a higher level of entertainment if it wants to survive long term. That means more teams, or fewer games. An 8 team league logically supports a 14 game season (play each team twice). As for the Bills, the Roger's Centre will sell out and corporations will fill up skyboxes. Fine for a game or two a year, but as others have pointed out the stadium issue is a real show stopper for a permanent franchise, and unless things change a great deal, there is no level of government anywhere in this country that would provide public dollars for an NFL stadium in the big smoke.

Not boring to me on the whole nova but then I go to lots of games and watch just about every game on TV. Sure, once in a while boring but I see many more boring hockey games where division rivals play each other about 6 or so times a year in a game that doesn't have the strategy to it of football.

End of the CFL, I don't think so. They are talking about 8 games over the next 5 years, some of these will be pre-season games, and some late in the year (ie. when the CFL is finished).

I don't see this having much of an impact on the Argos, let alone the CFL. Even if the Bills slowly played half their games in Toronto, there is a large enough market to support both teams. The number of games won't increase much until there is a larger venue.

This is just another way for Rogers and Wilson to make more money, and it will also mean more revenue for Toronto.

Do you really think people will go to Toronto to see the Bills play, instead of going to see the Ti-Cats play? The people who will go to the Bills game will either do both, or are not going to the Ti-Cats to start with, they are not the type to only spend money on one or the other.

Relax everyone, this is not the end of the CFL, just like the Free Trade agreement was not the end of Canada.


The CFL will be fine with out the Argos in Toronto.We have to just get an other citys to broadcast the games.There are and always will be a market for the CFL because not everyone can afford the NFL!Just like there is a AHL and a NHL! The CFL is looked like a AHL compared to the NFL anyway!Lets see if toronto can handle the NFL!!

If anyone wants to see Buffalo play they're better off going to Buffalo where you'll see a top notch opponent, plus it will be cheaper and the same distance. Toronto will be hosting Buffalo's least attractive draw on their sced, most likely some bunk team like Houston or Atlanta.

Look at the game London got, 2 of the worst teams in the NFL. They got table scraps which is what Toronto is going to get and the media will eat it up like a bunch of starved dogs.

Do you have a single clue why they are doing this?The owner of the Bills wants to retire but his wife and kids dont want the Bills and they have to sell soon!Thats why they are doing the try out thing as a primary thing only!To get you use to it!It can take years before the team is officially Torontos!

Hmmmm, how will the NFL get all their players with Criminal records back and forth across the border? Seems to me, I remember some CFL teams having to wait weeks with some of their problem players.

If Cincinatti comes to town, you might be paying $250.00 to see a bunch of second string players with no records! :lol: :lol: :lol:

The team, for all intents and purposes if Toronto pulls this off with sell-outs every year, is both Buffalo’s and Toronto’s team. That’s the way I see it.

This country always handles the rich better!Look at Conrad Black! They will find a way ,money talks,B.S walks!

This bears repeating.

re novascotia wrote The league needs to focus on providing a higher level of entertainment if it wants to survive long term. That means more teams ---- :thup: imho CFL needs to put teams in Baltimore ,L.A , Detroit, Boston, Chicago, and NY State :rockin: - then get a T.V contract from fox

That's rich coming from Dowbiggin. When he worked in Tor. he was typical of the eastern media types who looked down their noses at the CFL.

theres only one reason why the nfl is coming here... it's not here... sure we have the cfl but guranteed a nfl team in canada would sell out every game for a long time to come

One reason why Toronto politicians are probably brimming underneath all this is that it gives Toronto at least some sort of a chance at landing the biggest single sporting event on the continent, the Super Bowl. Remember, you don't need a winning team for that, a new stadium will all but guarantee any NFL city the right to host this event. That's a very big carrot especially in light of the ratings for this past SB.

I reinterate, my thoughts from a previouss thread. In my opinion the Buffalo Bills are for sale. The highest bidder with a new stadium wins and I do not think that will be in Toronto. What would a new N.F.L. stadium cost? i understand the new Dallas stadium is over a billion dollars. What would Toronto’s be 600 million plus. It seems to me that people in Toronto would go nuts if that were even thought of.

Just my thoughts