Farewell to CanadInns and the 2012 season

So... heading into the last game at CanadInns vs the Als, here's where our team stands:

QB - No Buck yet again, Elliott is on the limp and may play or not or may backup. Per Burke, Goltz will see some time in a wildcat package, probably along the lines of how they used Brink to run the ball a few times. Looking forward to see Brink start again but is he looking forward to starting because....

RB - No Simpson, no ford. Down to Volny as the starter I suppose, Riva is on the PR as the only other RB listed not on any injured list. And that's Volny who is still working his way back from a knee injury.

WR - Edwards and Anderson both out likely. Looks like Doug Pierce and Etienne should get some extra playing time, maybe they add wallace miles from the PR.

LB/DB - Sears likely out. Next man up for SAM? Washington again? But he's nicked up too and not for sure to be in the lineup. Back to JoVo?

DLine - Mainor and turner both dinged up but probable, thankfully. No one else around outside of a last minute airlift of one or 2 guys for a single game.

Wow, what a way to end it.

Pretty much the same circumstances Brink had in his starts earlier in the year. Man was he dealt a short straw this year, I just hope he can come back and want to prove something next year.

I would be curious to see where he would be at If Brink had been given all those practice reps and games they wasted on Buck.

I don't know if I would say "wasted". You take that chance with him. I would not be surprised even if we did let him go and another team picks him up. Hell - it may even be Montreal if they do not sign Mc backup.
To answer your question though, I have always liked Brink more than Elliott. Elliott has been given every chance, Brink not so much. I fully believe that with more starts Brink shows he's the better QB.

McBackup :lol: :lol: …So who does Mcpherson sign with if he’s not staying in Mont…I guess we might give him a look…I don’t see us matching what the Als. will to keep him…UNLESS old-folks Anthony plays another season and McPherson sees a better opportunity down the road and says frig it…, I really can’t see him going…We need to have some serious irons in the fire and that could be another free agent, with upside, orrrrrr a trade :roll:

In any event…the last game will be the end of a grand ol stadium…Have one last look around before the ol digs come down…She was something in her time :wink: