Farewell to a Friend of the CFL

It was with great sadness that I heard today on my way home from work of the passing away of Toronto journalist/broadcaster Jim "Shakey" Hunt. Jim had long been a strong advocate of the CFL on both Toronto radio and in his column in the Toronto Sun. Jim attended more than 40 consecutive Grey Cup games, and often related fond memories from those games.
He passed away today from a heart attack at the age of 79. Jim, you will be missed.
Thanks for the memories and your public support of Canadian football. :cry:

....We can't have too many of these type of guys....sounds like we lost a great supporter....40 cons.Grey Cups ...quite a guy....he'll definitely be missed... :!:

Every Tuesday without fail, I went to Jim Hunt's column in the Sun first. He was a great writer, full of wit and humour, knowledgeable, and a great booster of the CFL.

Sad day again in the CFL world. He will be missed.

my thoughts are will his family. may he rest in peace.

It's very sad. Jim was a great writer and the best CFL supporter in the media
here is Southern Ontario. Especially during the lean years in the 90's, he was the lone supporter amongst the majority who were and still are the sheep being lead to the NFL slaughter.

I heard it was 50 consecutive Grey Cups ('49 to '99)? I could be wrong. Anyway, I never read any of his work - sounds like he wrote for the Toronto Sun, and I live in Calgary - but it also sounds like the world could use more guys like him.

Thank you Jim and my prayers are with your family and loved ones. You will be missed, like that raspiness in your voice that was unique. Great.

[url=http://www.torontosun.com/Sports/OtherSports/2006/03/10/1481349-sun.html]http://www.torontosun.com/Sports/OtherS ... 9-sun.html[/url]

His abiding love was the Canadian Football League. Between 1949 and 1999 he attended every Grey Cup game. "I don't know if the Grey Cup was all about Jim Hunt or if Hunt was all about the Grey Cup," former CFL commissioner Jake Gaudaur, now 86, said. "He's going to be looking down and reading what people are saying about him and say: 'What a lot of claptrap.' "

Hunt had an outrageous way of transcending events and becoming the story himself. And so, for years, the Grey Cup's media conference with the two coaches wasn't complete until Jim had asked the question: Were the coaches going to allow the players to have sex leading up to the game?

Edmonton's Joe Faragalli uttered the now infamous response: "Actually, the sex itself is calm and soothing. It's the chasing that wears the players out.' "

Shaky had his story. Everyone else had a laugh. The end to another perfect day - and just a snapshot in a perfect convergence of a man and his profession. The last time he had a real job, he was fond of saying, was lifting whiskey barrels one summer at Seagrams when he was in school. "My dad always felt blessed because he thought he had the best job and loved it every day," Kathryn said.


Nice pic...that's the old Ex in toronto, yes?

What was he watching there, a baseball or football game? If it was baseball, which it seems to be as there are players in the field, wow, his seats aren't anywhere near the field it seems. Unless this is a composite picture trying to show the baseball configuration while he was watching football which makes more sense. Strange.

That must be why he's holding Binoculars LOL

hes at a CFL football game...look at the size of the endzone...its CFL.

.....thats not an endzone, that's an infield.....it appears to be the old Ex park in a baseball configuration.......the black line across the field is the end of the outfield, marking the home run line.........

on the left side, u can see all the football lines.

Canuckev: I knew it was more than 40, so I wanted to make a correct statement, rather than say 50 and be wrong. 50 is an amazing number.

Drumming God: that is indeed the CNE Stadium in a baseball configuration. The line is indeed the outfield wall. the football markings you see are not in play, so that part of the field was normally left the way it's shown in the picture. The old stadium didn't have seats in either Centre or Right field. Where Jim is sitting is the North Grandstand, the original part of the Stadium, where people sat during the concerts and other events for the CNE before the stadium was expanded to accomodate the Blue Jays.

R.I.P., Jim.

that would be horrible for a baseball game...ouch!

They used to sell those so called seats on the covered portion of Excorcism Stadium. During the best years, surprisingly three quarters of the covered section would be sold. Where Jim is sitting, the binoculars are required.

It wasn't the greatest, but it could have been worse. the Ex held about 45,000 or so for baseball, and most of the seats weren't too bad. Where Jim was sitting was pretty brutal....you couldn't see much without the binoculars. It was generally great sightlines for football though.