Farewell season logo

I like it as a jersey patch, and on various other memorabilia, but they'd better not be using it on the game uniform helmet like the one at the press conference. If I had my way, the only logo on the helmet would be the modern /=S=/. I hate the retro logo with a passion! It looked stale and outdated back in the 80's when the "new" one was introduced, and only looks even more so now. To me, the old (S) represents the era where futility and mediocrity was the acceptable norm. It represents one Grey Cup out of a dozen appearances, and missing the playoffs for the better part of an entire generation. Since the introduction of the new logo, we've won 3 Grey Cups, and losing seasons, while they do still happen such as this past season, it is no longer considered par for the course, and the administrative staff and players will do everything in their power not to repeat it next year.

With the redevelopment of the old stadium site, I hope Taylor Field is turned into a small park, with a plaque explaining the significance of that patch of grass for future generations, much like the park in Toronto where the first Grey Cup game was played.

I am looking forward to taking in a game or two next season, and I'm especially looking forward to seeing a game in our new home in 2017!