Far too many questions, few too little answers.

Why does mustard taste bad by itself, but good on hamburgers?

Why is the sky blue?

What rhymes with orange?

Is Timmy Chang our saviour?

Who is Alvin Washington?

Is Alvin Washington related to Alvin the Chipmunk?

Will there be a Settagirl and Devlingirl?

What's 1+1?

Who do you work for?

Which is a better nickname, Mickey Maas or Jason Moose?

Will we see the playoffs before 2010?

Will we win a Grey-Cup before 2010?

Sausage or Hot-Dog?

Ketchup or Mustard?

Thousand Island Dressing or Miracle-Whip?


Argonauts or Ticats?

Why is the fluffy bunny so evil?

Glass half full? or half empty?

Barney or Teletubbies?

I'd just like to point out, I am EXTREMELY bored.

I forgot one:

Will Borehamgirl perhaps be seen on top of a table during the year?

Tassles, or vodka coolers?

man shes gonna come after you like a tornado with eyes and teeth and fingernails....

Just how I like it, Espo... :twisted:

Nah Es..totally not necessary. Miller is disowned. I'll just put them both on ignore...I'm getting pretty good at that. :wink:

:(...But Mommy :(...haha, you'd never disown me...I'm too good of a kid :)

I wouldn't bet on it. :smiley:

:o ...You're mean! :(

I would like to nominate this thread as "most useless of the year"

nice work guys. lol.

We were always good at this with the old site, but we drifted away from uselessness, and well, posting.

We live to entertain you, NWO. :wink:

thats my girl i know i can count on ya!

Does uselessness have utility? If uselessness adds to the general happiness, then by definition under some utilitarian schemes, it is useful. Discuss.

(Can you tell I'm supposed to be preparing for teaching my ethics class this afternoon.)

Mark: sounds like the old "non-conformity" arguement...

There is no such thing as a non-conformist, because to be a non-conformist, you have to follow the rules of non-conformity, and by following those rules, makes you a conformist.