Just trying to coin a new phrase (if you can call it a phrase) for sports commentators to in "Joseph lets go with a long bomb to Andy Fantuz and what a catch...and Fantuz is headed for the 15 yard line, the 10, the 5, TOUCHDOWN!!!! FANTUZTIC!!!!!

Its not new. people have been saying it for half the year.

My favorite for him is Fantuz....FAAANNTASTIC

"But hold on! Looks like there's a flag in the backfield, holding will be the call and it's coming back...." makes me think of Rod Black doing the commentary for a Riders game. And that makes me feel ill....

I still like "oh the DB just got Fantuzed!!"

.................Rod Black is my hero :oops:

Just so you know, Rod black is form WINNIPEG>>>>>>>> lol

Hmmm...I would have guessed Toronto. Either way, he should stick to Figure Skating. That way I don't have to listen to him try to be a commentator.


He's the Canadian player of the week again, let's hope he can make it 3 in a row next week!

Canadian Player of the Week again? That is seriously UnFantuzable!

Did the Riders leave for Toronto on Fantuzday, or was it Monday?

But if I could be serious for a moment . . . #83 is one of our most Fantuzful receivers on the team.

The Riders and the Bombers in the Grey Cup! This is practically everybody's Fantuzsy come true.

But I don't think that Lenny Kravitz should be the halftime show. It should have been Fan two Z top (get it? Two "z's" makes ZZ top)

Okay, but honestly I really hope Riders offence comes shooting like a Fully Automatic Fantuzi.

I don't know about all these nicknames though. Maybe we should call him the bad guy because Andy has been Fantuuuzing Machismo all year long.

And the Defences that have been getting Fantuzig-zagged are feeling completely Fantuzed and abused.

Whoa whoa whoa, this is getting out of control! Fantu iz in charge of this thread anways?

Sorry to crash your party guys (that includes you Ridergrrrl). After all, Fantuz company and three's a crowd.

That is it. I will not say anymore, other wise the Sh!t will hit the Fantuz.

Sorry for the vast amount of cheese I have injected into your day but that's just my Fantuz cents.

My brain won't even Fantuzunction anymore.

thryllin that was awsome keep it up buddy lol

On the contrary Thryllin- the more the Kerrier! I will Grant that your Fantuziastic response was Andy-riffic. And now I must return to my rather Flickstensive preparations for game O'Day. I am turning my table into a football field and the Neal I am serving must be not only Hughes (enough to feed an O-Line)but Perry, Perry good. Also, I need to Hunt down a few accessories. Incidentally, my menu includes two cheesy appetizers from the Riders Touchdown '89 Grey Cup Championship Cook Book and one will be in the shape of a football. I will not be Washingtons of dishes after since I hate to get my Palmers wet. Have an Austin week! Only 2 more day-vis to go! GO RIDERS!!!

Yo it looks like I'm Justin time to contribute to this thread. I'm only going to add a Tad of cheese before things get repetitive. Anyways we should all go to a bar on the top of the Hill and listen to some Durant Durant and maybe pick-up a couple Chicks before heading Holmes. Well, maybe not the Chick, I think I would rather be a Free-man. Either way it will be the Best night in a looooong time. Come on guys and girls, you know you Kitwana do this. If you come out I will show you the picture I Drew with my Stancil!! It will not be a Boreham night so lets go paint the town green with our lucky four leaf Clovis you mother Ruckers! :lol:

No Childs allowed...

I read this and thought I wouldn't contribute but I really had to. I don't like where this is going though. Ha!