It is Andy's 34th birthday today!

I hope he is re-signed, he's the ultimate possession receiver, he runs precise routes,
has tremendous hands, has a massive catch radius and a Einsteinian football IQ.

Andy is hurt a lot unfortunately. Love the player but can the team afford to pay him starter $$$?

MTL said the exact thing about 33 year old SJ Green when he came off the same surgery last year! :wink:

No need to worry about "re-signing" Andy. He won't become a free-agent in February because he's "retired," and has been since he and Aaron Crawford were registered as so prior to the the team's final game of the '17 season. And yet, ::), both names have, post-season, been added to the Active Roster here on

SJ Green had been healthy every season prior to his injury.

Andy has missed significant time in 2008, 2009, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2017. He's got a long history of injuries.

Thx Letsgocats, that is a long bad injury list. And even in 2016 I think he got hurt just when we needed him most. For the playoffs.

IMHO, Missing 6 games in 2013 and 5 games in 2014 is not really "signifcant time",
But yes he has had some injuries, It's football, injuries happen.
Having 2 sure handed possession Rec's like Tasker and Fantuz on the field when facing 2nd and 8 is a situation that I am sure that our QB's would be real happy to have them.


I think that is the new role for Andy. Not necessarily as a starter, but maybe as a situation guy, like the 2nd and long plays mentioned. If Tasker stays, it gives us two proven possession guys, and with Andy being a National, it doesn't hurt the ratio to insert him, even as a decoy.

6 games is 1/3rd of the season. That's definitely "significant time". Injuries happen more to him than most players. I don't know if it's worth having salary tied up for a guy that doesn't see much of the field. Also not sure how well a slow footed guy like Fantuz fits in June Jones offence. I really don't think they'll be a spot for him.

Hey, no probs, we have a different opinion of what Andy brings to this team.
Was he slow footed in 2016 when he caught 101 passes for 1059 yrds?
Probably, but he gets the job done with precise routes and great hands and wins the battles for tight throws.

Yup....we’re better with him than without him. Maybe an incentive laden contract would be one way to mitigate injury and cap hit.

I'm just glad we're debating someone other than Manziel :wink:

But yeah, he was slow in 2016. I really don't see him fitting in this offense.

Love Andy, even when he was with riders. Hope he hangs em up... retires for his sake.

You make it sound like you can "schedule" an ACL tear...

You don't see someone who can adjust to what the defence is doing to find the open spot fitting into a run and shoot offence? From what I know of run and shoot, Fantuz suits it perfectly.

Actually my point was in the only healthy season Andy had of the last 5 seasons he still was not available for our playoff game. Not available for the playoffs in his healthy season is not great. Don't get me wrong, I love the player. Just don't love the fact that he is 34 years old (Happy Birthday by the way Andy). I have no problem with him and hope the Cats do sign him to a fair contract.

I'd be comparing Andy currently more to the Dave Stala end of career path than SJ Green.

I tend to agree, regrettably.

Would be great having him back. But performance laden contract doesn't make sense. You'd think that the guy has an option on not getting hurt and thus provide incentive pay for games played. He goes out there to perform hard and then injuries just happen. Athletes don't go out there thinking to avoid contact/ injury cause if they do, they shouldn't be there at all. Just a fair contract would be great.