From Miller...courtesy of The Leader Post...gotta leave in that part about Cates and Dominguez...

What is the status of Andy Fantuz? “We’re planning on having Fantuz in the lineup this week.’’

Did Dominguez and Cates get through Sunday’s game OK? “They did, and I think how they practised today was evidence of that. They were able to do the things here and didn’t show any effect from having

Having Fantuz back is going to make a big difference. He might be rusty but it will be good for Jyles to have a guy who can get open and is a big target. I haven't heard anything about Flick lately, has he had a setback?

He has from what i understand and i believe he was told to take last week off and try and rest as much as he could, hoping it would heal the final stages. Not 100% sure though

Like Dominguez, bring Fantuz back SLOWLY! A few series at a time will get him back to game speed for the playoffs!

Absolutely correct. The most common thing for guys just coming back isn’t re-injuring whatever was wrong, it is pulled groins and hamstrings from not playing at game speed.

I'm just curious on this. Fantuz and Grant coming in. Who sits?

Bagg, Marshall, Palmer, Getzlaf? (I don't see Dressler or Dominguez coming out)

I'm thinking that I want to see Marshall and Palmer come off. But I'm thinking they'll keep Palmer on and take off Bagg or Getzlaf.

With Shultz and Smith injured, we may be looking at using the import (Marshall) spot there instead, until Flick comes back.

I'd have to think Palmer and Marshall come out.

I haven't checked, but it sounds like Schultz at least will be good to go. Smith - no info has been provided that I've seen. Although if Johnson's ready, we're OK on the line, as long as we have enough Canadians dressed.

Both Bagg and Getzlaf have outperformed Grant and Palmer, so if Fantuz can go, I’d take out Palmer. No way they take Bagg off as he is the defacto holder for Congi. I see know reason to mess up that chemistry just because Fantuz is back.

It does come down somewhat to who you want in the playoffs. If it's going to be Flick, Fantuz, Dressler, Dominguez, Bowman + (Nicolson/Grant/Palmer/Bagg/Getzlaf). You're going to want to start having Fantuz and Congi working on FG holding now, rather than later.

What I am saying is, I don't believe they will go back to Fantuz. Maybe not ever, as the holder. But I'd be stunned if they changed back this year. Of course Jyles is starting so..........

Palmer seems to have a wee bit of the droppsies so Im thinking he will be one of the ones sitting.