Hey does anyone know how Andy's rehab is going. I hear Flick could be back next week but haven't heard anthing about Fantuz.

Flick can't be back next week unless he's pulled off the nine-game list early, I believe...he was put on after game two, which means he'd come off after game eleven...

DJ Flick was shooting to play on the 20th against B.C where as Fantuz more than likely won't be back till mid October.

If Flick comes off before the 9 games Fantuz has to stay down for all 9. I think he is a ways away as he has been pretty scarce arround the stadium.

Flick is ready to go as soon as his wounds heal from removing the pins in his leg.

We are in week 11 right now, so technically he can come back next week.

GAME list, greenandwhite...not WEEK list...

Oh ya I guess we had a bye week in there too. He can come back after next weeks game then I guess. I have no idea how the stupid system works anyway, I just can’t wait until both Fantuz and Flick are back.

You and me both. I suspect one or two others may share the same sentiments.

Looking at the schedule it looks like Fantuz can come back for the October 3rd game against Calgary if he is healthy.

If I were a betting man I would say he is going to be the 3rd of the broken legs to come back. I think Hughes is going to be back before he is.

Obviously Hughes is. His was only a hairline fracture and he's possibly back next week. That being said, the return date between him and Leron Mitchell might be a bit closer. Leron should be on the field before him though.

Maybe so. Which is why I said if he is healthy. One thing is for sure, I can't see Fantuz returning before his 9 weeks are up.

just want the guys back so we can kick Edmonton's Ass in week 18.

In an ideal world we already have the division locked up at that point and we can rest them all :wink:

As well as Tillman, but he is not allowed to say anything more about the 9 game injury list!!

I'll chip in for Tillman's fine if (when??) he speaks up about Proulx and his shit-poor crew...a little off topic, maybe, but I don't much care...craptacular crew, that one...they shouldn't see the field again...

Re: Proux; I didnt see the full game - i worked today. But from what i say i thought they had some beer goggles on or something.

Re: Fantuz

I want him back, but i want him healthy first. If he needs time to heal, i'd rather give it to him and ride the emtional winnin ways as of current. I'm thinking he is more valuable in the long run than just the present.

your totally right because know one wants him to get injured right away we may as well just wait for a bit longer when there is less a chance of him getting injured

won't be long guys! :slight_smile: we'll see Fantuz Flick and Dominguez all ready to play here!!

just think of the talent that we'll have at receivers then?? wow.

I guess the question is, who'll be #4 and #5?

i'm thinking Dressler for sure.. but i dunno about #5