Fantuz, your CUT

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Arius you sure know talent. First Eddie Davis vs Dave Dickenson now Boe vs Fantuz. You have a hidden talent.

Find a quote of me ever comparing Eddie Davis directly to Dave Dickenson.
Then we can discuss the fact that Fantuz will still be playing long after Bo is done in this league (which after yesterday's game might be just a few more weeks).
I seem to remember somebody telling you Bo was not the player he was when he went south.
Wonder who that was....?

How did Thurman do today, by the way?

Well Arius again you are the bright one. I can really see why RLR and BC4life go after you because frankly your acting like your twin the other twit that cheers for the riders. Fantuz is a much younger player of course he will be playing long after Boe retires. What about E Thurmon? He could not make our receiving corps. If the guy has had a good game or two good for him as long as it is not for the Stamps. So Arius go slam the car door and wake your neighbors if you know what I mean. Your turn RLR and BC4life he is all yours.

Elijah Thurman was cut to make cap space so the Stamps could sign Bo.
It really was that simple.
Obviously, the coaches (and you) felt he was better.
I guess the coaches (and you) were mistaken.
That is "what about Elijah".

And Bo is only 29. So if he doesn't finish the season, is it because he is too old, or no good?
I would rather have Fantuz on my team than Bo any day of the week.
It really is that simple.

Still waiting for the quote of me directly comparing Davis to DD.
I could be wrong, but I think the only people who ever tried to directly make that link are two so-called Lion fans...

Well The boys from BC stated you made that call on ED VS DD and I believe them over you. :lol: :lol:
Are you not the guy that was going totally crazy over the fact the Stamps had to many receivers. So that see who do you cut before camp. E Thurmon could not make the line up so he is gone. So they play with one extra receiver up to Labor Day (you are all in a froth because they had a rotation happening) So then they figure that Boe was the odd man out. So now you feel Boe who has had a great career and still could is not as good as a 2nd year kid who can not catch a ball. To tell you the truth I think he has the Peterson disease. At least Peterson has with the eskimos developed into a receiver now. So when is it Fantuz will show up. Probably long after Boe retires. :lol: :lol: It seems like you should where that owned sign on your forehead some more.

Fantuz is more valuable in this league because he is a non import. He has more receiving yards this year than Boe as well, which proves not only is he more valuable because he’s Canadian, he’s also getting it done on the field more often than Boerigter. Add in the fact he’s younger and you have a solid case.

That doesn’t mean he’ll ever accomplish what Boe has in his career, but it means right now he’s more valuable.

Thanks Dust makes sense but Fantuz has in the last few games to pout it bluntly Su-cked. Canadian or not. Fantuz will never make it to the NFL nor will he play as well as Boe has done in the past for now. So where does that leave us on this issue. You may think value is being canadian I find value is catching the ball and not dropping it.

Other than a nice play by Bolden to knock one away tonight, how did he su ck?

He had 96 yards receiving last week and also caused a couple of pass interferences that set up huge gains. You may not like the guy, but he has been more productive than Boe this year, he has 35 more receiving yards.

bolden had 2 practices before he played his first CFL game in six years. he played one hell of a game considering. just wait till next week, then you will be even more suprised the week after that

the man is not in CFL game shape yet, just wait untill he is. hes the milt stegal of the secondary. and his play will be more then enough to show it soon enough

Fantuz is still young so there's time to iron out some of the wrinkles in his game. He is a Canadian receiver, and to have a great non-import catching the ball is a huge asset (see Jason Clermont). However, there's no denying that Andy has struggled quite a bit this season. He has definetly taken a step back this year. Hopefully for his sake he'll improve soon, because in football usually GM's and coaches patience is pretty thin for the 'dropsies'

Now you are reading your own press clippings.
The whole Eddie Davis = DD thing has been from day one a concoction of the Bobsy twins.
At least I know I've never said anything like that (maybe in jest--I doubt even that)
And this whole rotation thing has from day one been a figment of your imagination as well.
Granted the media eventually started calling it that, but it never was and never will be what you were talking about.
Elijah was cut for cap space--not because he couldn't make the team.
If that were the issue, you bring him to camp and prove it.
And I hardly think Bo had a "great" career.
He did okay playing as the 3rd down receiver in the NFL, but 120+ passes and 2200+ yards in the CFL is extraordinarily average by anyones estimations.
But it was the injury bug that I believe has taken him down. He was a good ball player before that.
And I warned you about that this spring.
But no. Bo was going to light up the league....


I would actually agree with that. He's still on pace for about 500-600 yards this year, but behind is yards per game pace he had last year.

I guess the encouraging part is that he's getting open, and even when he has been unable to bring a pass in, he's drawn some penalties. He's still better than Jason French was, and he was here for 5 or 6 years.

Your right about that one Dust.

I'd still rather have French than Grant, but we can't have everything...
Andy will be fine.
He has all the tools to be a great one.
Only time will tell how good he will be.
Was it you, Dusty, who pointed out that Elgard dropped a zillion passes his first few years, and I think he turned out decently enough....

That's the one thing I love about Clermont, he's about as reliable a receiver as you can find. That's why I hope Wally is pushing hard to re-sign him.

Sorry wasn't me Arius.

Somebody said's true so you could have taken the credit...!!
Anyway, can't be bothered to look and see right now.

Drummer god it is in fact you who are cut.

What that means, I do not exactly know. However I am cool with that. I will take Fantuz. You can have . . . . . . . uhhh . .. . . Does anybody know who Drummer god cheers for? The Lions? I think the lions are in his little avatar.

Drummer God, You can have your opinion. Don't mean a thing in my world.

I understand that my opinion does not mean a thing in your world either.

At least we are agreeing to disagree.

Fantuz has been open on MANY BIG PLAYS AND GOT MANY BIG CATCHES for The Riders recently.

I repeat: I will take him! you can have your beef jerkey and soda pop!

u got shafted in that deal :cowboy: