Fantuz, your CUT

how many times have we seen big gains wiped out by fantuz dropping the perfect pass?

if this was some american receiver, he'd be cut by now, but not canadian, Fantuz.

To be honest, I thought that was a catch an fumble myself. But yeah, I can see how he hasnt been delivering lately..

I don't know... how many steps did he take with the ball? Didn't look like he held possession...

anyone, Canadian or American, who shows as much promise as Fantuz will be able to find a team

he took a half step.

the last rider loss, fantuz dropped 3 perfect passes.

seems like rider losses and fantuz drops go hand-in-hand.

I’m not saying that he should be playing, but you can find a roster spot for someone who gets open deep several times a game. Once he gets some more experienced, I’m sure his hands will improve

the guy is decent, but honestly he came to the cfl with too much hype, putting up big stats in the OUA doesn’t guarantee success, the OUA just proves how weak a conference it is and how much of a joke the CIS is altogether. If Fantuz was a yankee, he would have been gone long ago, the CFL doesn’t give yanks with his talent second and third chances.

down by 10, 2nd and long, KJ throws a bomb to fantuz....had fantuz caught the ball, thats instant FG range, and a possible TD narrowing the gap to 3 points and keeping the riders close.

instead, fantuz drops it, riders punt and the bombers take a stranglehold on the game.

i say, fantuz doesnt see the field for the rest of the year!

Of course he will...

Did you guys hear Suitor om Fantuz: "They can't get him the ball enough." :lol:

on one play....looked like Bolden stripped the ball ...after Fantuz made the looked like a fumble to me....refs. call.

The best reciever in Rider histroy (ray ellgard) had a case of the drops and they didnt run him out of town...Fantuz has Ellgardesc ability size and talent and once his confidence gets up he'll be a dominant force in this league...

Congrats to the Bombers, they played well today, and we did not, Glenn has been the best player in the league over this season, and his maturity and leadership showed today. Riders must have left their intesity back at Taylor Field.

Good sport Sambo your post does not suprise me. Where is Arius?

The challenge we faced today was our defense couldn't stop Winnipeg's offense. Richie Hall mentioned that on Rod Pederson's blog earlier this week.

The weaknesses were exposed last week, but the corrections were not made this week. Definitely some tweaking has to take place in our secondary, otherwise, Calgary and BC zoom right by us!

Probably waiting at the Saskatchewan airport for Eddie Davis to arrive.

After your big prize, Phillips got burned today, you'd think you would have scuttled back under your rock by now....and he doesn't even cover the Als better receivers....

Andy should have caught that one, no doubt. Though generally some credit needs to be given to the DB for not giving up on the play.
And if anyone thought that was a catch, they are nuts!

Andy did make some nice catches today, but he does need to stop dropping those big plays.
That was the TSN turning point by the way.
17-10, maybe 17-14 vs. 24-8.
Big difference.

Andy is still better than that bum Calgary cut recently...

He didn't drop the ball really, it's a bit misleading. He made the initial catch and Bolden just knocked it out of his hands while he was trying to tuck it away.

I thought it was funny how they sort of hyped bolden up and despite the score he was beat numerous times by Dominguez, and on the play in question by Fantuz, who is not a speedster.

I agree with you.
Which is what I said. The DB was beat, but didn't give up.
On the other hand, Andy must learn to protect the ball in that situation.
And he will.
Nobody does on every play, he just must do it more often...