fantuz wouldn't be happy

to anyone who works at the league office,
on behalf of mr.fantuz,please tell the person who does the web page header promo for the cfl draft to please correct the spelling of #83 's last name from FAUNTZ to FANTUZ.
people who can spell

Marty York reports the CFL Head Office has hired Kanga as the new Editor for and sanduskyohiobro as the assistant editor. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

I thought he was already mad with KJ leaving and Crandell replacing him.

Haven't noticed... but that's pretty embarrassing. :lol:

Somebody should report this to Commissioner Cohoon.

You do realise, Sporty, that there would be a mass exodus from the forum should we start seeing articles about the AP on the main page. :roll:

You have to find him first...... :roll: :roll: :roll:

It happens. All last night in the Sens Penns hockey Game, CBC had Jordan Stall's name showing up as Jordal Stall

My guess is he's out hiring a proofreader for the website.

Guess that explains why he hasn't hired a new Director of Officiating yet.

Isn't it Staal?

It is. So the CBC had two errors. Go CBC!

Only 2? That's a banner day at the Mother Corp! Some union member's gonna be asking for a performance bonus...on Monday, of course, because tomorrow's an EDO.

My thoughts exactly! :lol: :lol: