Fantuz Will not Sign . . . yet.

TSN SportsCentre reported that Fantuz says he wants to make an NFL run before knowing whether or not he will re-sign.

He also stated that he wants to be a Roughrider if he does reurn to the CFL.

Sorry for not having the online source but I saw it on SportsCentre.

Anyways, I feel that Fantuz is as easily as good as Wes Welker of the Patriots. I am however, saying this without knowing their 40 times.

I compare him to Welker because they are of about the same size and have similar styles and I have seen them in similar plays.

What y'all think?

Are you seriously comparing Welker to Fantuz.

Welker is 5'9" 185,
Fantuz is 6'4" 220

They are two toatlly different types of receivers. Welker is a speedy slot who they like to send horizontal to spread the defences with his speed letting him get lots of yards after catch when he gets around corners and makes people miss. Fantuz is more of a possesion type, he is a big target who is awesome at finding holes in zones.
While I agree they are both great receivers, they are in no way similar other than that. Dressler would be more of an accurate comparison to Welker.

And also if you would read the other topic about Fantuz, you would realize that he has denied this rumour. Doesn't mean it isn't true but he has denied it.

Yeah you are totally right!
I was seriously mistaken when I wrote they are the same size but I do feel there are many receivers equal to Fantuz's skills & abilities in the NFL.

Thanks for filling me in on the validity of the Naylor story as well.

So the real question remains . . . Why is Fantuz not signing?

If it is because he wants to see what his options are in the offseason, then I say trade him now.
I know that seems like I am being prickish about the situation but seriously, our receiving corps is doing great without him and once his contract is up he is gone for nobody and nothing. The trade just makes more sense.

Please exercise your right to disagree if you fell the need.

Fantuz has stated the reason he has not signed yet is because he has been concentrated on returning as soon as possible, precisely what any organization and true fan would want. He stated that if he remains in the CFL he would love to do so with the riders so I think to even entertain the idea of trading him would be foolish. I agree that our recieving core has been doing very well in the absence of fantuz but believe your not considering the entire picture.. Think not only of what we would be losing and how it would impact our team but also what another team would be gaining.. To trade fantuz to a west team inparticular would truly be throwing in the white flag for any hopes of finishing first in the west and likely on winning a GC as well.

Maybe Fantuz to Ham. and locked up long term before he hits F/A.

In return we get Guru ET's "we'd take him back in a heart beat" Kenton Keith + a Canadian, and/or draft pick.

Or perhaps I should not have had that last drink.......Just thought........Hick.

Although I love Andy Fantuz and I hope he stays a Rider for many years, I would be inclined to trade him at the trade deadline if he still has not signed an extension. Getzlaf and Bagg are here and can play. David McKoy is getting ready to play and then there is Adam Nicolson. I feel good about the 'riders young Canadian receivers right now. Real good in fact.

Next year's amateur draft has some tasty NCAA prospects out there. There is a DT playing at Standford named Brian Bulcke, a couple of really good O'linemen: Danny Watkins at Baylor, and John Bender at Nevada (who will likely end up in the NFL), a starting running back at Georgetown named Charlie Houghton and a defensive back at Duke named Chris Rwabukamba, plus a whole host of others I am missing.

Some good CIS linebackers out there too: Joash Gesse (Montreal); Cory Greenwood (Concordia) and DB/LB Cauchy Muamba (St. Francis Xavier).

Lets not forget a kicker named Rob Maver (Guelph) who is getting interest from the NFL already and will be better than Luca Congi (at least in terms of leg strength).

Fantuz for any of these prospects especially the NCAA ones, and a Canadian veteran starter would be a good trade at the deadline if Fantuz has not signed I think.

But I pray it does not go that way and Andy stays.

Fantuz has the "itch" to go home and play in Ontario. I won't fault the guy...I'd do the same. We can trade him there for a young Canadian (Barker or Baumann) and a 1st round pick in the CFL Draft. With McKoy waiting in the wings, we are strong at Cdn receivers.

I definitely do not Baumann. Barker and someone else would be ok. I’d rather just keep Fantuz though. I suspect if he doesn’t sign we still won’t be trading him.

We'll have to trade him if he won't re-sign, otherwise we get nothing for him!! We can't afford to pull an Alex Rios and give Fantuz away for nothing!

He would clear up some good ol' roster money too!

I love the guy too though. I do not want to see him go!

Keep him if we can! Trade him if we must!

The salary cap is always a factor that we fans often forget about.

Who would you suggest that the 'Riders trade him to? I suggest Toronton for the first overall pick next year (DT Brian Bulcke) because they will finish dead last this year.

Hamilton... no, they gave up their first round pick for next year in the supplementary draft when they choose Zac Carlson. I think the 'Riders could steal Dylan Barker as a free agent from them eventually (the money they save from loosing Fantuz would free money for him). I do not think Chris Baumann is a good option. Coach Miller said that he thought Adam Nicolson was a better prospect than Baumann and the 'Riders already have 4 young receivers with at least two of them already better than him (Getzlaf, Bagg, McKoy, Nicolson).

Montreal is a possibility but it is not Ontario, so Fantuz may pout if that happens. I don't understand. Montreal is a great city but it is not home for him.

Toronto is probably the best option.

But the other teams know that if the 'Riders cannot sign him, they can just sit back and enter the bidding war that will happen and all it will cost them is cash and not a draft pick or a starter.

So the 'Riders may need to trade him sooner than later unfortunately if they hope to get something in return.

how do we know fantuz actually wants to play in ontario?? Ive heard him say he loves it in sask and would love to continue playing here after all he has become a "face" of the riders also look at clearmont he always wanted to play here but he stayed in B.C. because he loved to play there and he was a face of the lions

Kenny should call Andy into his office and have two things waiting for him on his desk: (1) his contract extension; and (2) a bus ticket to Winnipeg, and say "Andy, you're leaving this office with one of these two things. Your pick."

ugh yes. as much as im in love with him, Im tired of being on the edge, game after game, not even knowing if he will play. For the first while he was my favorite pick in my football pool every week. now theres an empty spot :frowning: just kidding..
I would just love to know if he is staying or not already, and what new young receivers we could possibly get in trading him

thats a mike kelly thing to do

The difference is I'm kidding.

I believe Fantuz is entertaining the idea of the NFL, not going to Ontario to play in the CFL. My prediction is he'll end up signing back with the Riders prior to Feb 15th. He's good, but he's not fast enough in the NFL to be a WR and not big and strong enough to be a TE. I just don't see any NFL teams being interested in him because he doesn't really fit in anywhere in the game anywhere. I understand he has to try, it's a dream and he'll regret it the rest of his life not knowing. But I'm skeptical he will end up in an NFL training camp.

How much different is he than Dallas Clark?

Well I don't imagine he'd say "Saskatchewan sucks and I hate living here". The only reason Clermont came back to Sask was because BC didn't want him, otherwise he's still be there. I think if the team was in Saskatoon, players would be more inclined to sign and stay in Saskatchewan. But that's a whole other topic all together!

Off topic but would you guys mind destroying Winnipeg for us thanks