Fantuz will never make an NFL team...

Andy is a good receiver in this league, don't get me wrong. He is made more for the CFL game rather than the NFL game. NFL DB's are faster, stronger and punish harder. He wouldn't stand up to the hitting and likely wouldn't be able to get open much as DB's have way more speed than him.

Dressler has a better shot at making NFL in a few years.

we already know that! thanks,


He has good hands and size, it's a long shot but he does have a decent shot I would think.

Neither will you . . .

For the heck of it, I'd like to see Fantuz try make the NFL! Maybe he'd show us all up!!

haha dont hope that!!! then hes lost to us :frowning:
i think it would be horrible if an Nfl team picked up fantuz. Hes great, especially now that hes playing today and got a touchdown!
it would be sad to see him leave cfl.. i dont follow NFL.