Fantuz will be fine.

Fantuz is just going thru a phase of s.u.c.k.iness right now. He has made some catches this year.

Official CFL webpage:
Fantuz, has caught 13 passes for 160 yards. Among Roughriders receivers he trails only Matt Dominguez (14 receptions for 211 yards and two touchdowns) and D.J. Flick (14-196-3).

He dropped some opportunity throws that were right in his hands but he will be fine. By Playoffs he will be in tip top form.

Its called the sophomore jinx.

....which is all superstition, which I don't believe in. Fantuz has had a couple lousy games - so what? Everyone has them.

Andy will pull through.

Riders coaching staff were doing a goodjob with him. Let him sit a few plays here & there, let him observe the game & want to make a difference.

He'll pull through.

I agree - Fantuz has natural ability and has shown that to be the case. You don't lose that over a couple of games. He'll be back. Quite frankly, I think his "benching" (he actually was in on alot of plays against Edmonton but didn't get the ball thrown his way much) has as much to do with sending a message to the rest of the team as it did to Fantuz himself.

I hope that Yo can get back in there soon, I think that he would be a great help to Andy on the feild.

I do honestly think tho that he needs to work on grabing the long ball, lets face it last year the long ball wasn't a play that the riders even knew about, most of his grabs last year were for 5 to 15 yards.

I think he can get there and I have faith in him pulling through to be one of the big stars in this league.