Fantuz to the Ticats?

If Argos land Milanovich as coach, Burris and Fantuz, and we stay the course, I worry that we are once again languishing in a battle for a playoff shot. I would actually feel better with some deletions from our team, mostly on the coaching end

boyddowler brings up a good point. Any offensive free agents worth having are going to go to teams with solid coaching staffs and at least one established QB on the roster. They have to think of their careers and own personal numbers down the road when it comes time to resign. A receiver can't go in and ask for more money if he was only thrown to 40 times over a season. I can't see any major free agent players, offensive or defensive, signing here if the team maintains the status quo.

If that were to occur, Toronto may regain immediate respectability and rain on our third place parade. :frowning:

Toronto, with Milanovich as new HC, is not an established HC. Also, Burris would not be an established Toronto QB ( Brand new system and environment).

Hamilton would have established HC, OC (somewhat, 2nd year with same team) and QB if no changes are made. This is why continuity is important.

If Fantuz comes available....I'd make him an offer. But I still think we should concentrate on beefing up the o-line and the d line. They were by far our weakest links..unable to consistently generate the our run and unable to consistently stop the opposing teams run.

Consider the impact of having two starter-caliber non-import receivers on the roster. That would allow the team to beef up the o-line or d-line with an extra import. Wouldn't that be worth the higher salary Fantuz would command?

There are already two starter "starter-caliber non-import receivers on the roster." Stala and Carter. Both are starters.

Ok, then what about three? Which would allow us to actually start two? (Which is what I was getting at with my previous comment.) And while I agree that Carter is good, is he good enough to replace an import starter? Because I think Fantuz is.

Kirk, I actually agree. I doubt that Fantuz would go to Toronto and an entire new staff. He will be stuck between a rock and a hard place though. Saskatchewan will more than likely be in the same position if the new HC brings in an entirely different staff. I think if he does leave it will be for one of the western teams, perhaps a team on the upswing like Edmonton.

Yes continuity can be a good thing, but it can also be a detriment. I really think if the Cats stay they way they are, they stand a very good chance of a repeat of this season. And I honestly believe that if they do, we will have a hard time atttracting high value free agents, Fantuz aside.

Not sold on Burris as a franchise player, but I think he is better than what they have now and would be a shot in the arm for a season or so. Maybe he is the one free agent they should actually go after. He might be interested, what with the receiving corps we have developed. A different QB might even make it possible to keep the majority of the present coaching staff. And as I have said before, they cannot afford to have another mediocre season, when they face going on the "Big Road Trip" the following year.

One way or the other it is surely going to be an interesting off season.

Let's try this again.
Both Stala and Carter are starters.
Every game this year (except the last one in toronto, because we only had 2 healthy) we dressed 3 non-import receivers and started 2.
Adding Fantuz wouldn't change the ratio, it would just drop Carter down be a backup.
We're so loaded with import receivers I can't see starting less than 3 of them.
Where I'd like to see us beef up the non-import content is on the o-line. Or possibly the d-line.

This may have merit, especially if they decide to cut loose Bauman. He didn't exactly light it up for the Esks considering what they were paying him.

Would be great to see fantuz in a ticat uniform, and sign him long term for stability. Then i would trade glenn and baggs to sask for Durant. We would then have a young mobile quarterback and one of the best recivers in the league.

Good point. I keep thinking four receivers plus FB rather than five receivers. And I agree that we probably wouldn’t drop to two import receivers; who to leave out, Williams, Thigpen or Grant. So while Fantuz might be an upgrade over Carter, or a good long-term replacement for Stala, the money could probably be better used elsewhere. You’ve convinced me.

And I totally agree with you that our lines should be our top priority over the winter.

Fantuz is one of those rare Canadians who plays at an elite level at a skill position. He's still in his prime. Obviously, he'd be an excellent fit on any team. The only real issue is dollars and cents. Any team with Fantuz is automatically better.

An Argo-Cat fan

Not really young. Durant will be 30 next season, only 3 years younger than Glenn, and not so sure Sask would want to trade a mobile QB for a pocket passer.

Fantuz would be a smart move for the Ti-cats for several reasons. He's an elite receiver that could actually free up an import spot on the roster. Also he is from the Chatham area and would lure in many fans from the Windsor / London / Kitchener area. There's quite an entourage of family and friends that show up with Rider Fantuz jerseys everytime he plays at Ivor Wynne. How about those folks trade in their Rider swag for a Black and Gold Fantuz jersey? I'm pretty sure he would be well worth the investment.

If Andy is take him.


End of thread.

Stupid to think otherwise.

I think we will see Fantuz and Burris in black and gold next year. Add them and Terry Grant to what we already have on offence, and that would be quite a unit.

They sure would look great in Black and Gold. I think you would see the attendance at Ivor Wynne go up also. Those guys are quite the draw.

There is speculation that Roughriders slotback Andy Fantuz, who is eligible to become a free agent on Feb. 15, may be seeking a deal in the $300,000 range. Fantuz’s market value is much closer to $200,000 per annum. Fantuz is not nearly as accomplished as B.C. Lions slotback Geroy Simon — a surefire Hall of Famer who makes around $200,000. Winnipeg Blue Bombers legend Milt Stegall topped out at about $180,000. Fantuz stands to make more than that because of his considerable talent and his non-import status, but not $100,000 more
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