Fantuz to the Ticats?

Found this on Arash Madani’s twitter account.

ArashMadani Arash Madani Have learned @andyfantuz has changed agents. #Sskroughriders WR, perhaps a free agent Feb 15, now w/ Tim Fleiszer of Gil Scott's group. #CFL
Tim Fleiszer was at Ticat practice before the east final. Could he have been gauging Obie's interest in acquiring Fantuz. It's commonly known that deals are talked about under the table before free agency.

Not sure how effective he will be if he feels depressed the NFL thing didn't work out right away.

Agents go to many different teams practices from time to time for any players they represent. I'm pretty sure they have a couple of the Argo players also so you can be sure he saw some of them also while in the area.

This is nothing but a thought in moscamania's mind and it should be given no more merit than that. Speculation is boring. Actual news is much better.

If I had to pick a Canadain free agent, I would take Andre Durrie well before Andy Fantuz. The notion of Fantuz being taken back becuase the NFL thing did not work out is unlikely. Fantuz is a professional and he would comand a fair salary in Canada. I would also concentrate on Oline and Dline. Both lines were very suspect considering they could not stop the run and block for the run. I am sure Obie and Marcel have a plan that includes the true wants and needs of this team. Receivers are not on the want and need list at this point in time, unless I am missing something. A speedy Canadian slot back - running back would certainly fit in.

Stala's getting up there in years, so finding his eventual replacement as our single NI receiver would be a good idea. And being able to go with two starting NI receivers would allow us to easily go with an extra import lineman. With Fantuz, we would be able to do that. Expensive? Yes. Worth the money? Maybe.

Speculation or just wishful thinking, whatever. It may be boring, but it's all we've got this time of year (aside from cheering for the Lions to kick the Bombers' butts). Free agency doesn't take effect until February, if I remember correctly. Then the speculation and wishful thinking really kicks into gear.

Fantusz led the entire league is receiving yards in 2010. He is worth the money.

1,303 BRUCE, A HAM
1,262 LEWIS, N CGY
1,190 SIMON, G BC
1,172 RAMBO, K CGY

If Obie and Mitchell want to show us fans who pay the Bills that this organization is dedicated to Toronto 2012 then get Bob Young to cut the cheque to get him


Stala is still a Cat.
Carter, Mahoney and MacKay are gamers and can catch.
The Cats have a host of Import speedsters.
Throw the money at Bourke and weaken Montreal considerably.

Stala is my favorite player , but sorry to say age is creaping up and if Fantuz is available this team would be crazy not to sign him I say if we don’t he is an ARGO :thdn:

Best post of the thread. All great ideas.

Agree if it's possible. Is there any better Canuck receiverr than Andy?

Well if Bauman is worth 125k/year, then I would assume Fantuz would demand something like 150k - 200k depending on signing bonus etc.

But with the money we released with Bruce and Mann I say go after him!

They interviewed Fantuz during the Vanier Cup on Friday night, and he didn't sound to positive about a return to Regina...
"we'll see what happens in the next couple months" - a couple months from now is February and free agency....

Josh Bourke of the Als is signed through the 2013 season.


If he's willing to test free agency, I see no reason not to send him a good offer. He can also take over as a mentor after Stala retires, and he's also young enough to stick around for a while. Add that to his high skill level and non-import status and he would be a very welcome addition to the team, IMO.

Receivers (apart from some injury issues) were not our problem.

I'd rather throw the money at some good defensive players.

Completely agree. IMO the top need is by far DB. Second need is DL.

True, but proven CANADIAN receivers will be a problem once Stala is done. Is it too early to prepare for that eventuality?

They have been developing 3 Canadians. Why are so many missing this? All 3 show great promise.

That's why I used the word "proven" Carter, Mahoney and MacKay are not proven. After the failed development of Bauman....

If you can get an Andy Fantusz, I firmly believe you go after him.

Not disagreeing with what you're saying, I like our Canadian receivers. It's that I believe a player like Fantusz is a huge improvement on top of the existing Canadian talent, none of which (to this point at least ) have shown any signs of becoming an elite, league leading receiver like Fantusz was in 2010.

if anything, having Fantusz on the roster could also help with their development.

If indeed the Argos do land Milanovich as their head coach, I can see that being a big draw for offensive free agents like Fantuz considering the potent offense that Montreal has consistently displayed.

And I agree with the Captain. You don't let a talented Canadian like Fantuz get away if you can land him but with the inconsistent issues and (some) questionable player movement by the Cats this year, will that scare away some players from wanting to come/sign here?