Fantuz to Re-sign

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REGINA — The Saskatchewan Roughriders are about to announce that slotback Andy Fantuz has signed an extended contract.

Fantuz has been in his option year, fuelling speculation that he would sign with an eastern-based CFL team after becoming a free agent, or perhaps explore NFL opportunities.

The 26-year-old Fantuz was a first-round pick of the Riders in the 2006 Canadian college draft. He was also named the top Canadian in the 2007 Grey Cup after catching a touchdown pass from Kerry Joseph.

More details will appear here as they become available.



We must be doing something right in this organization. Wow , that is a huge signing - couldn't ask for a better boost to Team morale prior to playoffs.

its a done deal! right on gotta keep him :slight_smile:

way to go Riders! Well that's one less headache for the off-season!!


Glad to hear it! Go Riders, GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :rockin:

This is my 83rd post and it's in board on Fantuz

sorry to say Fantuz has NOT signed he will if he doesn't make nfl he has verbally agreed to a contract with the riders

From TSN

REGINA -- Slotback Andy Fantuz has has agreed to terms on a multi-year contract extension with the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Fantuz, a former Hec Crighton Trophy winner at Western Ontario as Canadian university football's outstanding player, was due to become a free agent at season's end.

TSN has learned there is a clause in the contract that allows Fantuz to attend NFL training camps in the off-season. However, if he is not successful down south, he will re-sign with the Riders a day before the free agency period starts.

There were reports he would've preferred to play for a East Division team to be closer to his family in Chatham, Ont.

Fantuz, 26, is in his fourth season with the Roughriders and has 37 catches for 527 yards and three touchdowns.

He anchors a solid receiving corps that includes sophomore Weston Dressler (62 catches, 941 yards, four TDs) and Canadians Rob Bagg (40 catches, 584 yards, three TDs), Chris Getzlaf (28 catches, 346 yards, four TDs) and Jason Clermont (17 catches, 215 yards).

The six-foot-four, 221-pound Fantuz was a first-round pick of the Riders in the 2006 CFL Canadian college draft.

He was also named the top Canadian in the '07 Grey Cup -- which Saskatchewan won over Winnipeg -- after catching a game-winning touchdown pass from Kerry Joseph.

Drew Remenda show had a real nice interview with Fantuz.

Fantuz is one class guy, not by just talking of his desire to play here , but, backing that talk up by signing before hitting the F/A. market.

And Big props to Guru ET for locking up Andy who quite possibly would be the most sought after F/A in 2010.

nice job way to go mr. red and the team as a whole and to andy :thup: :smiley:

Even though it is nice to see that Fantuz will be back for 2010, it is only a ONE YEAR extension.

Personally, I would have liked a more long term deal.

Most are probably glad I am not the GM, but if I could not have gotten him to commit for a longer period, I would have traded him.

The 'Riders could have gotten a lot for him like the first overall pick in 2010's amateur draft from Toronto who should be Stanford DT Brian Bulcke (who should be a good one) and more, or Dylan Barker (and more) from Hamilton who was first overall in 2008 and should be be ready to be starter at safety next season. These may have been good compensation for him.

Also Adam Nicolson, a former first draft pick for BC (athough one that was cut from the team) is waiting on the side lines to play. I think that although he may have been missed, Fantuz's loss would not have been devasting for the 'Riders.

i believe it’s one year plus option. So players usually play both those years

Yes, they are always 1+1. But it is still a rather modest extension (2 years). I also know that longer contracts are extremely rare in the CFL.

But I would have prefered 3+1 and if I could not get him to sign, I would have been tempted to trade him.

It is still somewhat sad that even with Canadian athletes that the CFL is still seen as only a consulation prize for not making it in the NFL. One phone call from any team down south, and Andy would have been gone and would have been happy with being a “no body special” down there instead of a star up here. That was true even for Scott Schultz who tried twice to make it in the NFL before he was able to fulfill his “childhood dream” of playing with the 'Riders (LOL).

Athletes are mercenaries. Their loyality is to whomever pays the most.

After tonight's performance - is all I can say is - Thank you Andy for wanting to stay a Rider. Good job out there. I think you should be in the running for CFL Canadian POW.

Unfortunately, that's so very true these days isn't it.
I remember back in the 60's as I grew up with the CFL, that players for almost ALL the teams were there for their entire careers, they made their homes in the cities they played in, and raised their kids in the community...they became more than just a "resident" of the city. You always knew who played for what team year after year, and what their number was. As long as I can remember while growing up, Clyde Brock was our neighbor and I went to school & played with his son (and Clyde) in their yard for years.

On the topic now, having Andy sign is great news indeed! I wish him success but I must admit (as we all must do if a Rider fan), that I hope Andy's foray into the NFL isn't completely successful (sorry Andy.. :frowning: ) but that's only a very biased Rider Fanboi wish. AFAIC he has only Green & White in his football future!