Fantuz testing out the NFL

he doesn't need speed. He is one of the best route runners around, motion or not. his stutter on breakouts/ins is amazing. he knows how to position himself between the DB and the QB.

Fantuz is too slow and wouldn't enjoy the same success in the NFL. No worries for Rider fans regarding him leaving.

Fantuz right now with an extra 25 pounds, he'd be a starting TE in the NFL I'd say. That is both the nice thing about the NFL to watch as a difference from the CFL and at the same time, the thing I hate about the NFL in that a Fantuz at his weight and size and speed can't make it despite his exceptional skill set. That is sad. A two edge sword.

Some good posts all over the place here, but I say if Fantuz can show speed in the 4.6s and some hops to go with his lateral agility and crisp routes and solid hands, all he has to overcome is developing the strength and technique to fight through jams in the first five yards against the best DBs in any gridiron game.

Fantuz does NOT need to become a tight end in the NFL with the physical tools he has in place already IMHO. The speed, hops and skills beyond routes and catches are most in question for Fantuz for sake of the NFL.

If Fantuz has all the other physical tools including enough speed given his size, the 5-yard bump zone might be either Fantuz' greatest challenge if he makes it or his undoing if he does not.

I'm guessing by this response today that Fantuz does not have a strength issue, so off it is to hops and speed ...

I think Fantuz can make it. I've got a feeling he will not be in a Riders uniform next year. This is his chance and he will make the most of it.

Andy will be back. I don't have any doubt about that. His latest video blog is here btw.
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Apparently from Dec 15th after he worked out with the Steelers and more extensive. Something tells me from this video that the Steelers are more likely to make the better move for him.

When will this Fantuzzy end??

Watch the video below.

Fantuz explains that as soon as 3 January 2011 he can be signed, but that is not necessarily the end of the opportunity.

i was hoping he would stay in the CFL. doesnt say much for the CFL when the leagues best reciever is only average in the nfl. but again, i can can totally understand wanting to go south.

Different game canadianhot and remember the CFL is about winning the Grey Cup championship, not about if the players can make the NFL. It's not a difficult concept, really.

im well aware that its a different game. i should have been more clear on my point. when an all star CFL player goes to the NFL and is only average or just above average, the media and CFL haters twist the fact that an all star becomming average in the nfl proves the CFL is not as high quality of a league. now, i dont believe this to be true. But many people will beleive the CFL haters when this sort of thing comes about. Im very pleased how well cam wake did this year for miami. But the same result isnt always true. i know its a different game. almost a different sport. And i wish all the best for fantuze. but if he becomes a backup or a practice roster guy down south, the NFL lovers will say "the best in the CFL is barely a starter here." All of us CFL fans know thats not true, but potential fans might not see through the smoke screen.

No doubt well said Canadianhothead!

The only thing I could see holding Fantuz back if selected, which would presume his 40 time is fast enough as well (4.65 or better would be sufficient in my estimation considering his height advantage), would be his ability to adapt to the first 5 yards against an average and sometimes far more physical NFL corner.

More than likely though he'll start out being inserted into passing sets only such that the corners will play all receivers with a cushion.

Many battles are won and lost in the bump zone for sake of corners throwing receivers off routes consistently and the mental game.

The good thing is Fantuz in most cases won't be covered by shutdown corners in the league who shut down often even the elite receivers.


Fantuz will only go to the NFL if he gets a big signing bonus. If someone gives him a chance, and I believe they will, he will be a good receiver in the NFL, not just average. He will make Canadians proud.

You naled it. the nfl P.R. dept would never allow the promotion of a CFL star, esp a Canadian.

Sorry Lady Green but even the great U.S.collage star Doug Flutie could not shed the CFL stigma down south.
Best to just thumb our collective noses at the NFL and enjoy knowing our league is just as good.

Flutie got lots of positive promotion in the NFL -- ever heard of Flutie Flakes? Cam Wake seems to have shed the "stigma" of being a former CFLer quite nicely. The NFL doesn't give a rat's ass where someone comes from -- if he is a star, he gets hyped. Kurt Warner went to the Pro Bowl and Super Bowl. Did his background bagging groceries in Iowa and playing in the Arena league prevent him from getting hyped?

Remember "NFL only lovers" who say they love football are only half brained people, so why take them seriously. I don't. They don't have a clue how to multi-task or respect they own nation's national championship football and Grey Cup. And I mean Canadians, I don't expect anyone from the US to take to a foreign football league but those that do like Paolo have my total respect.

I love seeing the confusion on "NFL only lovers" brains when I say I love watching both leagues for different reasons. They can't get it but I know why they can't and sit there and laugh at them. Paul Godfrey, have you figured it out yet?

Re Flutie Flakes_ Not saying that American football fans didn't like Flutie and his cause.
It's the NFL P R people and brass made sure Johnson was the guy in Buffalo, regardless of what Flutie could win for them.
as for Warner he won the NFL PR lottery and what a feel good story he was that is true