Fantuz testing out the NFL

That's your opinion.
Like Marc Trestman has said, I also believe there is no difference talent wise between the two leagues.
For me, politics is the big difference down south.

If you were an inteligent experienced student of both leagues, your opinion would be different.

The Jets game, OMG, a receiver don't know his name, dropped an easy one - IN THE MIGHTY NFL TO BOOT!!! :o :o :o

NFL players really aren't any better than CFL players from what I can see watching over the years. Bigger, maybe, but no better for sure.

ArgoT and others with the "politics" argument as the substantial decision-maker, not that it would not come into play at times as it would in any work environment, did you even bother to read about the actual track record of NFL receivers as drafted and selected as I described in two prior posts in this thread?

Are you ignoring the bare fact that if not drafted directly for the position and overwhelmingly in the first round, special teams play is how a player in the NFL works into the receiver and many other positions?

Also remember that one league is not making the decision for all such players. There are 32 teams not 8 teams for which they can compete for the role.

Fantuz has a fine shot over and above many a rookie and free agent mind you as a role player in the situations I described for which some teams apparently seek such a player. Fantuz has awesome hands, routes, and height with his leap and strength to be tested. Scoring highly on the above and being able to adapt to an NFL offence might be enough to earn a role on a team for certain situations as described.

Two NFL teams, including especially the playoff-bound Steelers, would not be wasting their time with Fantuz believe me if from video footage they thought he did not have some of the goods.

He’ll work out for a couple of teams down south and will be ready for CFL training camp by May. He won’t likely make it past the try-out stage anyways.

nobody seems to realize that the NFL is likely to lock out.. so his efforts will be futile either way.

I saw so many easy drop passes in the NFL today I couldn't believe it. Enough said.

The entire argument about which league has more talent, or even if there is a difference in talent is pretty much irrelevant. It simply doesn't matter at the pro level.

As much as I dont want him to leave.. I wish him all the best. If he makes an NFL squad, congrats..
On a side note, was watching a bit of NFL yesterday (my son is a huge,if its sports I will watch it, fan) and heard a familiar name. Cam Wake. My son told me he was first in sacks in the NFL this year.. Thats pretty impressive.

great but the season isn't over yet.. 3 more games to go.

I wish I knew everything, just like yous guys.

Hey, we can't all be smart. :smiley:

he won't miss any Training camp.. because the NFL will lock out it's players in March and he won't be signing with anyone. so he will come back to the Riders and sign a MULTI YEAR deal.. no 1 yr please.

32-year old former NFL player and cancer survivor Kevin Curtis is being brought back to play by the Miami Dolphins:

[url=] ... =CUR672706[/url] [url=] ... vor-curtis[/url]

I have no idea what Fantuz would be giving away to the likes of Curtis for sake of speed, vertical leap, and/or strength, but I doubt it is much if anything at all.

There is room for Fantuz to play somewhere in the NFL -- when there is a season again.

Otherwise we can be happy to see him as one of the greats in the CFL.

We'll hear by next week via YouTube directly from Fantuz how the workouts went with the Steelers today and with the Vikings on Saturday too.

If Arland Bruce was taller he would be in the No Fun League, I'm glad he is not tall, A special Thanks to his parents :wink:

no such thing as a no fun league, unless you talking NBA or MLB

Cory Greenwood a middle linebacker from Concordia made the NFL- can anyone give me an update- where is he playing? Is he firt or second string?

[url=] ... =GRE578726[/url]

There’s his NFL profile page on his team the Chiefs. The game log reveals that he has played only sparingly.

The team depth chart reveals that he is 3rd string at ILB in the Chiefs’ 3-4 defence.

Note as only a rookie one can’t expect much so give him a break.

Other than the top picks at OL, consider the rather short list of impact players of all who were drafted that I had compiled after Week 11 for Impact Rookies in the NFL:


Last night I was watching big Vincent Jackson (6-5, 230+) returning to play with the San Diego Chargers in a blowout of the awful 49ers and saw this play, the likes of which I have seen many in the CFL with the bigger receivers such as SJ Green and Andy Fantuz:

[url=] ... #tab:watch[/url]

Many a big man can do the same in the NFL including a prospect like Fantuz though I have no idea how he far behind he matches up with the likes of a top NFL receiver like Jackson for sake of anything but routes and hands. I'd say readily that few guys beat Vincent Jackson on strength.

This is the niche that many a team needs to fill in the league, and it would be their loss to overlook Fantuz lest there is something in which he is lacking of which I am unaware. Note that lack of speed has been cited, and I would think more than likely if it is slower than a pro football receiver slow 4.7 for the 40, lack of speed would be the case.

Yes there are such guys with outstanding hands and routes drafted in lower rounds for play in the NFL, with a few who do make it to play when there are positional shortages, but NFL demands speed in the high 4.5s with size benefit or 4.50 or better if a smaller guy. On top of that, and on some teams like Indianapolis and New England, more important is the lateral agility.

More important to go with any such speed other than the lateral quickness are leaping ability and strength to shove around NFL DBs within 5 yards of the LOS as can all the big receivers and even many of the smaller ones in the NFL.

By comparison in just about any sport at the amateur level as adults or in high school just about anywhere, 4.7 is about the fastest guy on the field you would see short of any given state or provincial champion in track and field in the making at the younger age. Even that at such a speed at a younger age, if not improving, such players end up being no-name college football players yet a few still have high upside with full maturity.

Maybe it's a bit like a baseball pitcher. To be looked at when they're young, I think speed is a big factor. Most havent' really learned how to 'pitch' using a variety of other pitches. But speed impresses and I think many a coach are more willing to work with a pitcher who shows a lot of speed. Now maybe the guy doesn't turn out to be a great pitcher the higher level he goes because as the hitters get better, you can't rely as much just on speed to mow guys down when you're playing agains't average guys, you have to be able to learn other pitches and have the control etc.

I would think the NFL will take a guy out of college that has a lot of speed but is lacking a bit on route running and being aggresive and that and see if they can work with him a bit. IF you lack the speed, you have to be excellent in the other factors to be looked at, right near the top of the other factors most likely. As you say, with quick db's, they can cheat more if you lack speed and play up to you more.