Fantuz takes Offensive & Canadian awards

I know it's ridiculous to complain about the Players of the Week awards, but when I saw this I shook my head. Were the selections so poor this week that they had to give one guy two awards...? :expressionless:

[i]Saskatchewan Roughriders slotback Andy Fantuz was a double winner Tuesday.

Fantuz was named the Gibson's Finest CFL offensive and Canadian player of the week for his role in leading the Roughriders to a 43-37 overtime win over the Calgary Stampeders.[/i]

Would you have preferred they give the best O award to someone else because Fantuz qualifies as a Canadian, or would you rather have them given the best Canadian award to someone else because Fantuz happened to also be the best O player of the week?

This is a silly complaint. Fantuz was the best player this week on offense, and the best Canadian. Why would you not give him one of the awards?

He did deserve both awards, he was the best offensive player of the week, and the top Canadian. Chief, if he didn't deserve both awards, then who was better offensively? Or who was the better Canadian than him?

He deserved both no doubt.It might be up for argument if someone came close to what he did but they didn't.The closest was probably Sandro's 5/5 but still.No contest.Congratz Andy :thup:

I would give him one of the awards... but just one. :wink: I'd probably give him the Offensive Player award.

As for who to give the Canadian award to... Paris Jackson had 109 yards and a TD. Granted, it was in a losing effort, but he still played well (and I don't think these awards should go to just players on winning teams). Sandro DeAngelis made all 5 of his FG attempts and kicked two PATs, which is pretty good considering his struggles. Just a couple names.

If he’s the best Offensive player and happens to be a Canadian, why shouldn’t he get both awards?
And he was.
They’re not mutually exclusive.

Fantuz' performance blew Jackson's out of the water. To give the top Canadian award to the #2 guy because the #1 guy was also the best in the league this week is just to reinforce that the "top Canadian" is a consolation prize that you can only win if you didn't do well enough to get a better award. I'd prefer to see the best guy win, period.

There's no question who the top Canadian was this week. There's also not much debate over who the top O player was this week. That they happen to be the same person isn't relevant. The right guy won both of them.

Sandro would have had to be nominated for special teams player of the week, as he is not part of the offence.

I said he could've been nominated for the Canadian award, not the Offensive award.

My bad chief, I shoulda known you wouldn't make that mistake :lol:

He was the most deserving candidate for both awards. No issue in my book.

Not a problem.

This made me lol. True enough I suppose. :lol:

...he played a good game and deserves both awards....

That's just the way the award system works. When Jesse Lumsden was at the top of his game, he got both awards on at least one occasion (maybe two?).

They could haven given the offensive award to the guy throwing passes to him, he played well also and had over 500 yards of total offense. Fantuz deserved Canadian of the week though, and he's not an undeserving choice for offensive, just something you rarely see.

Better than Cote getting CPOW after 1 reception for 20 yards eh R&W :wink:

Well said.

If I had any, I would send you out a box of Fantuz Flakes... :wink:

That would be pretty funny. :lol:

That'd be sweet. I'd be the only person in New Brunswick with a box! :rockin:

Hey Chief… This week it was an Eskimo who got 2 awards… lol…