Fantuz Signs

Finally we have a good canadian Receiver. And all of you said he would go to the NFL. the riders now have 3 good receivers. I cant wait to see this kid play! Way to go Riders!

hoffart is thought very highly of by the riders as well, so the receiver postition held by canadians is starting to look very bright for the riders, good job Roy, you have upgraded that position significantly over the last two years.

Lets not get too carried away with his signing, he has to come to camp and earn a spot on the roster. Remember he is only a rookie, and he has a gotten a lot of press, so there is a lot of pressure on him. I hope he does show that he is ready to make the step up and be an effective receiver for the Riders.

way to go guys…im pumped to see u guys live 3 times :smiley:

I believe we have more than just 3 good receivers. Dominguez, Armstead and Fantuz are certainly the 3 "headliners" for right now but I believe Sam Breeden a big Dominguez-like receiver we have brought in could be very dominant this year as well. Our receiving corps has improved greatly this off-season. Roy and Danny have done very well addressing our two main weaknesses at QB and Receiver.

I think Sam Breeden will be better than Fantuz in the end.

From what i have seen of Fantuz in college he catches anything near him no matter how poorly thrown.

Fantuz will be the go to guy for a lot of 2nd and long conversions. Teams will be forced to respect Matt and Jason which means Fantuz, and others, should be able to find some room.

this was a major problem last year, teams could key on thurman and holmes out of the backfield since they were all the rider had. No wonder they tried the draw so much on 2nd and long.

Not sure Hoffart will even play this year as he has an injury.

Fantuz looks like the real deal in TC. This guy will get balls this year and will start if he keeps it up.