Fantuz released by Bears

Bears waived WR Andy Fantuz, LB Tressor Baptiste, CB Antareis Bryan, and LS Jake Laptad.
The Bears are moving quickly with their cuts. Fantuz became a fan favorite when there was nothing to talk about during the lockout, but the former CFL star flamed out in preseason games and practices. Baptiste, Bryan, and Laptad were all undrafted rookies. Baptiste might be a practice squad candidate.

Source: Brad Biggs on Twitter

Dave Naylor from TSN has also reported it, Andy was told by the Bears.

andy was dumbass to think he was going to make the Bears or play in the NFL. He is just to slow for the majors

Is it too early to plan the parade?

With the change in coaching, return of key players from the 9-game IR in the next two weeks and Andy's return, this will not be the team that took to the field the first half of the season, I tell you. Doesn't guarantee all wins in the 2nd half but we will almost not recognize them (thankfully) ... This is a very good thing imo. Sad for Andy though. Greenrider, I do not share your view - guy had one chance in his life to try and he took it - nothing dumbass about that.

Andy has until Tuesday to be signed off waivers by another NFL club, and then his option can, if desired, be exercised by the Riders correct?

10 days

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here is a video from Andy himself explaining what is next.

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he's going to wait till the 10 days is up.

Why not go for it. He's gone this far he may as well wait it out and see if another team doesn't pick him up or as Andy put it "Take a Chance." Good luck Andy but if things don't work out down there I'm ready to plan the parade. :smiley:

I agree...go for it. I think that the timing, with the lockout, was just really bad timing for Andy. Making a team while everyone is tweaking final rosters and depth charts is a long shot for NFL unproven talent, but a big part of me still wants to see Andy make it.

I just hope that should things not pan out that he would still come back to the CFL with a hunger...might be a bit harder after/if a chunck of his dream has drifted.

I heard today that Fantuz wanted to suite up for the Labour Day Classic this weekend.

he has stated he wanted to see what happens what happens with the NFL. If he waits his full time (and gets no NFL bites) it will be unlikely to see him at the Banjo bowl even. I am still rooting that he gets a bite.

Also, at halftime of the Argo-Lion game yesterday they broke down the match showing it was not possible for him to dress for the game...with the mandatory 24 hour waiting period to clear waivers (~4 EST today), then the time he has to sit as a cleared waiver and what not he would not become available for the roster until ~4 EST Sunday, 30 minutes prior to kickoff. That misses the 5 pm gameday roster he is not playing this week.

One cannot be on the 42 one hour before game time if one is not on the 46 24 hours from game time. It is the 46-man roster that he would miss.

yes, that is what I meant by 5pm gameday roster cutoff

Either way, I'm sure the Riders have sent him the new play books by now.

IF Andy comes back, I don't think it will be until the Toronto game. Realistically, if he waits even 1/2 of his 10 days (11 total) this put him in Regina on the 7th or 8th, and the Banjo Bowl is on the 11th, commute is on the 10th, so it is only 1 - 2 practices, and that is IF he does not wait his full NFL elligability period. If he waits that he may not even be back for the Toronto game!

My understanding is they went back to the playbook from the miller years. So the F-bomb should have little to no issues.

Andi is now in Regina:

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He is hanging with the team, and going to watch the LDC.
Sounds like his mind is already made up???

He is in town but according to the article he will try other options in the NFL during the 10 day window he has. Of course he might just change his mind and be ready for the Banjo bowl. Les see if he is in practise this week. If he is, along with all the players coming off injury, things will drastically improvr for the Riders.

it is not a new interview. That from context of the article was clearly taken from his blog thing. Also, he can not really actually discuss looking at CFL offers until he clears waiver. He is, I imagine, going to be practicing Tuesday, but not signing until he sees if there are any bites.

when they talked to him on the sidelines, he really made it seem like the riders are his last option. he wants to explore every possible option in the NFL. Except practice rosters im guess...