Fantuz re-signs with Riders

Damn, in my warped mind, I thought the Talbot trade was so the Argos could go after Fantuz. :frowning: Well some positive news for rider fans.

clearly you don't read news.

Fantuz already had made an agreement that he would resign with the Riders if his NFL tryout was unsuccessful..

so NO you never had a shot at Fantuz at all.

like I said in my warped mind. One can dream. Plus is was made official today.

Goods news! Definitely not a Riders fan but would have hated to see him go south.

CFLISTHEBEST is right, because, as you well know, what a player says in the past and what he does in the future is always exactly the same. Regardless of how much money is thrown at him, or promises made. They will ALWAYS do what they say. :smiley:

I'm just happy CFLthebest posted using three lines. If feel privileged I didn't get his customary one-liner!!

They have to leave them something...

I thought this dude was going to look at the nfl for some reason

Well, you of all people should know Canada can't produce skilled athletes. :wink:

absolutely not! :roll: We as Canadians don't know how to make football players!! :wink:

Oh no! Sandusky, please accept my humblest apologies for misrepresenting you... Canada can produce skilled athletes... just not football players.

what's football?

It's what Fox TC called that blue blob they used to show on TV because Americans couldn't follow the puck.

congrads to sask. hes a great player that made the stamps look stupid last year.