Fantuz out for the year- torn ACL

Ticats Andy Fantuz out for the year with torn ACL: sources

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[b][i]Hamilton Tiger-Cats receiver Andy Fantuz has a suspected torn ACL in his left knee and is expected to miss the remainder of the 2016 season, according to multiple sources.

Fantuz was hurt on innocent-looking play with just under 10 minutes to play in the second quarter of the Ticats’ 29-26 loss to the Edmonton Eskimos on Friday night, his left knee buckling as he went to make a cut. Ticat medical staff assessed the injury, which is expected to be confirmed via an MRI sometime next week.

The news is a huge blow to the Ticats’ already injury-riddled season. Fantuz is the team’s leading receiver with a club record 101 catches for 1,059 yards coming in to Friday’s game, good enough to 10th in the CFL. He was among the best of the team’s seven Canadian starters – along with defensive tackle Ted Laurent – making him essentially irreplaceable. The team will likely have to make a ratio change elsewhere, possible by starting four national offensive lineman, while hoping to some replicate Fantuz’s offensive production with an American replacement at receiver.

The injury is also devastating to Fantuz personally. He signed a one-year contract to rejoin the Ticats last February and will be a free agent again this winter. He turns 33 in December and will likely struggle to find a team willing to invest in a player facing a long and uncertain rehab – ACL tears generally take between eight and 12 months to heal – and will be unlikely to contribute much during the 2017 season.[/i][/b]

Matthew Scianitti ?@TSNScianitti 3m3 minutes ago
As @scratchingpost reporting, #CFL sources say Andy Fantuz has torn ACL. Upcoming MRI will definitely confirm extent of injury #Ticats

Oh man....that sucks for him, he was having such a great year. Get well soon, Andy!

In Fantuz's case this likely doesn't apply but it seems like we have more than the average injuries...maybe the conditioning process should be questioned or re-examined ?

Seems like a lotta Players going down with no contact too, maybe worth investigating the turf at Tim Hortons field more.. somethings been wrong since Austin became head coach, every years story is injuries even the Grey cup runs we were decimated by injuries. Maybe don't re-sign this medical or training staff

As a Doctor, I would think you might realize that the medical and training staff treat injuries, not create injuries.

As a Doctor, I would think you might realize that the medical and training staff treat injuries, not create injuries.
So who is responsible for the conditioning of our players? It seems as if every year we have more injuries than any other team. This year seems to be the worst one ever.

As a person who misspelled whisky in his own name I would think you would realize I'm not really a Doctor.

I wasn't entirely serious about firing the medical staff just think it's something that should be looked into. There's so many long term injuries maybe they wouldn't be that long term with a different approach to treating them.

:cry: :cry: its not fair...

Sorry, it was out of line and uncalled for, Apologies :frowning:

I do however agree with the Turf as a cause, this is 3 times now
Collaros, Norwood and now Fantuz
Fantuz was not even touched on the play, the same as when Collaros blew his ACL, not sure about Norwood(ESF)

If the Fantuz injury is the same as Collaros', Andy will be out for most of next season in recovery

Ah dont even worry about man haha

It actually feels like there's even more serious injuries than those three I can't remember names tho. Maybe an ask the players/coaches feature on this "ticatstv" see if they maybe notice a difference playing on it compared to elsewhere.

Whiskey is not misspelled.

We wish Andy all the best in his upcoming surgery and rehab for the torn ACL, tough injury to get through especially for sports that require cutting and quick leg movements like football, basketball etc. I'm sure Andy will come back healthy and with a winning attitude again that gave him great success this year with over 1,000 yards and many TD's.

Wow the Turf Demons of THF catch yet another and on an innocent looking play? This field has taken a few players down
since opening, is it just coincidence or is there really a problem with the turf?

I was thinking that we'd need to wait until the results of the MRI done on Fantuz's knee to see if it was a torn ACL. But then again, I thought the injury may not have been that serious after I saw Fantuz jog off the field after that injury. So my knowledge of things like these is not the best.

The injury certainly was quite similar to the one when Zach's ACL was torn, against the same team, on the same turf. There may be something about that turf at THF being too sticky or something.

There are those who will say this team's season will end on November 13th, as there is no way this team will win that EDSF game. It is good to have Zach back, but who can he throw it to other than Tolliver? Well, there's a receiver who has spent almost his entire career on the PR, a couple of castoffs, and Spencer Watt. We also didn't think this team would go far after Zach's injury last year, but Masoli nearly got us to the Grey Cup game. Not bad for a team whose season appeared to be over. Can Collins and those castoffs rise to the occasion?

But whatever happens, what happened to Fantuz was unfortunate. Just as we were seeing him play almost an entire season, showing why this team had to bring him in and keep him here... this happens.

I wish Andy a recovery that is as speedy as possible, and I want to see this team win for him.

Huge loss I wish him a speedy recovery. Turf at THF should be looked into , conditioning of our team and the training staff looks like a major overhaul should be looked into as this is suspect as we have had huge Rosters related to injuries,

The 13th man may be the turf helping the opposition. I've asked before, but no one picked up on it in the past, but how many "big" injuries have happend at THF vs. road injuries. If this is it for Fantuz, he won't be the first to go out on his sheild like he did; he's a class act. :thup:

Norwood was actually rolled into by Simoni during a tackle, I still remember Simoni's reaction. It wasn't his fault, or the turf's.

I feel terrible for Andy. Get well soon!

He was one of the few bright spots in a horrible season!

Great player. Great team leader. I wish him well and a speedy recovery.

Maybe we need a new stadium, I don’t like the wind tunnel affect of THF as well. Good luck to Andy. :cowboy:

Butler has missed this entire season with a knee injury also.