Fantuz out again

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but hey, Frazier is back at least

I hope he recovers in time for next years season.

Im not too heart broken about him missing this game on saturday.

I am just wanting to see him play. I suspect he win not be in Rider training camp in 2011.

i dont follow.

...probably meaning AF will take another shot at the NFL next year..I heard that because of the lockout and the way training camps were handled as a result of the lockout that a lot of first time guys really didn't get a fair chance to excel, the reporter I heard this from singled out AF as an example, saying he would probably crack the right team's lineup with a regular TC and lead up to it...

Gotcha. i was confused because it said TC 2011. so i didnt know if he meant he wont be on the field this year again.

Maybe Toronto will sign him if he doesnt make the NFL. was this his second try?
The end of this year is the end of his option, so he could be anybodys player no matter what.

yes, sorry, 2012.

I expect he will give another shot at the NFL (he did have bad timing), but he will unlikely make the NFL next year as he will simply be too old. That puts him back in mid season, meaning he will not be in training camp. I suspect another team will outbid for his services.

Never know, but there is a 7 out of 8 chance that that is the case.

And why would he not resign with the Riders? Who would want to play for TO?

After the support he got when he returned to Riderville I can't see him signing somewhere else. But then again, being closer to home would be nice thing for him too!

Somebody born in Ontario