Fantuz optimistic about playing soon

Andy Fantuz showed the Chatham-Kent Cougars how to shake off defensive backs, run routes and catch passes Tuesday.
Fantuz is optimistic he'll be doing the same again soon for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.
The veteran slotback from Chatham has missed all season rehabbing his injured knee, but his layoff may be coming to an end.
“I'm planning to come back this year, probably in the next month or so,? he said before hosting a skills clinic at the Chatham-Kent Community Athletic Complex.
Fantuz hasn't played since tearing the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee last October.
He re-signed with the Ticats in the off-season and has been working as their co-ordinator of player development.
“I'm honestly more of just a player than anything, but I can have meetings with the coaches and just talk offence and give my say,? he said. “It's a little bit more input than just an injured player would have, but the No. 1 priority is my rehab.?
Fantuz, 33, is pleased with the progress of his rehabilitation.
“It's coming along really well,? he said. “I'm really close. I'm just at the final stretch of introducing contact and things like that, but running is full speed and I feel great.?
The Ticats, however, aren't doing great. At 0-8, they're the only winless team in the CFL.
Fantuz is on the sideline during games. He speaks with the players and relays messages from the coaches.
“I'm helping out, just talking to the young guys and making sure that we're all on the same page,? he said. “It's still fun. It's just not quite as fun.?
The new job lets him stay involved with the Ticats on a daily basis, but he'd much prefer to be on the field.
“Any time you're on the sideline it's really frustrating,? Fantuz said. “No matter how long the injury can be, it sucks to not be out there. And then when the team's not doing so well and you feel like you might be able to help if you were out there, it hurts a little bit extra. But it's one of those things you can't rush back.
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Glad to hear Andy appears to be on track for a return before this season runs out. However, when re-watching the Ottawa game on Saturday I wasn't impressed seeing him at the bench laughing with Zach, shortly after he was yanked, and then listening to, and appearing to agree with, whatever a sour-faced Speedy B. was telling him in the dying minutes of the game.

Excellent point about the sidelines & I noticed it too. Poor moment caught on camera......maybe he should be up in the booth getting coffee if he think it's all a joke.......let's just call it bad timing.
I will say though that he should be one of the ones that gets traded or cut. IMO he's on the downward spiral & too injury prone to of any full year value.....truth hurts I know.

Once Fantuz and Butler are back at full speed, I suspect things should improve. Especially on offence.
Maybe with Fantuz and Tasker having the ability to get open, it will help Zach get back his old form.

Maybe Andy realizes that it is just a game, and playing it is supposed to be fun. Or maybe he is in on the joke, and the rest of us have yet to get it?

Or maybe it was a way to calm down Zach after getting puled - did you ever think of that? We all know that Banks is a very emotional player, perhaps Andy was agreeing with him that he should have made the reception?

According to what he is saying he doesn't have a contract yet. I would think the Ticats will only sign him if he's given the all clear. As a player not under contract he's not allowed to practice with the team. I think the team will tell him to wait until next season, take another 6 months of recovery.

That seems to be one of the symptoms of an 0-8 season for the fans. A simple gesture or facial expression by a player or coach is blown way out of proportion and context.

Problem is, as those watching the game, we are too far away to know what was said or even the topic of conversation.

Everyone just take a deep breath.....honest...the sun will rise....

Lighten up people. Would tears have been better/satisfied you? Hey if you can't have a "happy" moment on sidelines even when things are going bad, itz time to givedup the game.

Exactly, My Home Team.