Fantuz kiss the Riders goodbye

The Riders just lost the services of Andy Fantuz, at least temporarily. The first round draftee just left for Detroit to tryout with the Lions.

Sorry, I only found a link in French.

The article also say Dan Ferderkeil (Argos' first pick) was invited to the Colts' training camp.

Good on him and wish him the best of luck. And if he doesn't make it, he will have gained some great experience attending an NFL camp.
Thanks Third.

At least we let our guys go try the NFL, and when they come back, they are happy , cause at least they had their shot, and are happy to be back in the CFL… unlike a certain other club…

Bang ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I was really hoping to see him wearing the green and white this year, but deep down I knew there was a good chance of him being in the NFL. Best of luck to him there, and if it doesn't work out, we'll see you back in Riderville.

Szarkatrain, Fantuz will be back. Receivers is all the Detroit Lions already have. Speaking of which, didn’t they freakin’ missed the boat when they passed on Matt Leinart which was still available in last weekend’s draft?

you heard it here first folks. Leinart will never be a successful nfl starter.
this came from the credible sports paper the york-friesan-taylor times.

Can Leinart do worse than Jon Kitna? Would you trust Kitna to get you to the Superbowl?

Non Inquiétudes, Je boîte toujours usage

I don't remember this guy, don't think it will be a total loss for the Riders.

they still have other great players and time to fill the void if needed.

Not that I want to bash the decisions made by the Riders, but I believe you are referring to the treatment of Hebert by the Bombers. But if you remember back to earlier in the off season, Jamal Richardson was asking Danny Barret to be released so he would look more appealing to NFL teams in this year's draft. DB refused, and let's face it, no NFL team wants to draft a player under contract for another year in another league. Chances are he wouldn't have got picked anyway, but we didn't jump on the let's make our players happy wagon.

Go Riders!!

Hopefully Fantuz does good in the NFL, but if not I would really like to see him in Green and White this year.

Pardon me me for seeming dumb, but which other club are you referring to?

Did he sign a contract ??? I mean like a real one ??? You know even Charles Thomas had a tryout and a 5000 contract with the New York Jets.

Tryouts mean nothing.

....oh and who is Jon Ryan......chopped liver...c'mon...and don;t try to say you weren't referring to the Bombers /....simba.. :roll:

Speaking of Leinart , it was good to see Vince Young go ahead of him . In the rose Bowl Young looked far superior . At least he could get'er done unlike Leinart . Leinart looked like a typical no can do NFL type QB in that game , so I was pleasantly surprised to see Vince go first.

"Not worries. I box always use of"

Hmmm... Maybe you shouldn't box always use of that.

Fantuz was their first round draft pick in the college draft held two weeks ago. He is the single best receiver in the history of CIS football.


I remember reading something about Young this winter. Some NFL team general manager met him and a lot of other players prior to the draft. The GM said "I was expecting to meet a Micheal Vick kinda guy, but I found myself discussing with a young Donovan McNabb. He's very mature and a very classy person."

He was referring to the bonbers, but he was making reference to Hebert. Ryan as a free agent so the Bombers had no choice in the matter. And if he comes back to the CFL, he has already said he wants to play for the Riders. However, Fantuz is still a free agent to as far as the NFL is concerned so we didn't have a choice in the matter either.

Go Riders!!

If I do remember correctly , Burris was under contract to us , when he made the move to try the NFL. It is why he came back to Sask, even though the Bombers showed interest in him. If they already had Glenn, that superstar QB, I wonder why they went after Burris? :shock:

What r u talkin about... when was this??? no woowin of hank while we had glenn.........and what about Juran bolden, albert johnson, ron warner, mo kelly.... the list could go on and on, we have been more than accomodating to players that have wanted to check out nfl opps..and that is why they come back.... learn your history.then start your BB attack..... afterall, there is more to the BB than what has happened last season, and this last 2 weeks...