Fantuz is quietly havig a good second half of the season

With so many receivers everyone knew that Burris would have to spred the ball around and the coverage dictated where Burris would throw the ball. then he was injured and missed game. As the season went on other receives began making plays forcing less attention on Fantuz and ever since Stalla has been inserted as the full time 5th receiver Fantuz has caught a lot of passes. He has 7 TDs on the season which puts him near the leaders for receiving TDs he also has well over 800 yards receiveing so he has a chance to hit the 1,000 yard mark this season. He still leads all Canadian receivers in yards with Getz and Durie close behind.

This will be his third best season, statistically. 2010 was his only 1000-yd. year when he had 1300+ yds.

With that type of production, Fantuz is grossly overpaid at a reported $200,000/year. That money could probably have been spent more effectively on other areas of the team. That's on Obie.

Yeah, you drop $200k+ on a receiver, you damn well have a right to expect 1200 yards and elite production all season long.

That unfortunately is hindsight. You would expect that Fantuz would excel in such a high firepower offense. Personally I took a wait and see approach to Fantuz because he seems to have lost his edge in the last couple of years. When he came back to the Riders last year after his NFL tryout he didn't seem to have the same mojo as in previous years. I don't know if it was his weight gain or lack of enthusiasm or whatever else. But it seems to have carried over to the Cats. Overall, his production seems rather "ordinary".

To me it's concentration & focus. He seems to be quite lackadaisical & uninterested.

He has the most waggle offsides by far over all the other receivers combined this season.

In the loss to BC, he ran out late for the ill-advised FG attempt that Congi missed. He wasn't paying attention to what was happening on the field.

Since his concussion, he's had a case of "alligator arms". Not going after balls aggressively.

From where my season tickets are, I see him often more interested in what friends from Western or Chatham are in town and what they'll be doing after the game. By no means is this new as I've seen other players do the same throughout the years. Yet usually it's in a blowout victory. Not a close game or a disappointing loss.

All that being said, I don't expect that Andy is happy with how this season has gone. This was supposed to be his homecoming.

Remember Sandro D'Angelis saying it was too much pressure, too many things, difficult coming home? I laughed at him for saying that & still do cause he's a whiner. But when I see Fantuz not having the campaign as expected, it makes you go hmmmmmmm ....

Burris has a lot of targets down field. Spreading the ball around means everyone gets fewer chances so naturally they get fewer yards. Guess we should compare the % caught from year to year rather than yards gained; maybe add in YAK somehow.

FenderGuy69 - You have hit the nail right on the head. Andy does look uninterested at best. During the fan appreciation player autograph session, Andy was the most uninterested player on the field. Sad situation,my grandson and I both noticed he was somewhat stand offish........... Maybe things will go his way next year. One thing for sure, Andy commands a lot of cash and I would expect much more if I were paying the bills. Oh, hang on, I am paying some of the bills with my 2 season tickets.

Can not argue with anyone logic here but they do have 6 excellent receivers all of whom could be over 500 yards for the season. Grant/Jones spot is up over 900 yards. Jones started in place of the injured grant but also shared time as the 5th receiver with Stalla. Fantuz does garner a lot of attention fromthe defense because of who he i and what he has done. If he were in a situation like inMontreal where they really only go to the 4 starters he may indeed have better numbers. So although some may not think that he is playing up to his free agent price tag. 1,000 yard season that took time for Burris to connect with and had to endure the concussin all in all not to bad for his price for what he brings that helps others to get open. Wiiliams is the only one over 1,000 right now and he is a deep threat that Burris connected with right away. Grant jones and Stalla also seem to have been able to connect with Burris quicker than Fantuz and Giguere

Part of the problem is play calling. I seem to remember Fantuz excelling at corner routes in Saskatchewan, yet we never, ever let him do that. He only ever runs two things, a 15-20 yard post or an 8-10 yard in. Everything we have him do is in the middle of the field.

Well I was wondering when this would come up, or If i was just imagining things! I go the practice on a regular basis. Andy is one of the players that you would expect to stop and talk to the fans after practice, instead when your asking him a question, instead of stopping and talking to you for 30 seconds, he answers you and keeps walking away, unlike most of the players, that have the decency to stop and chat with you when you talking to them! Yes he is over paid, we have better receivers then him on this team. He should be more polite to his fans, as we are the ones in the end that pay his salary of 200 grand plus!!
He has snubbed people more then once, or i would not be saying anything on this issue. But I have seen it for my own 2 eyes on several occasions! #VeryDisappointed

Interesting discussion on Andy. Although not in touch as much as some of you guys on a day-to-day basis with this team, I did notice something about Andy that was "missing". My guess he wishes he never left Regina where out there you are sort of a celebrity whereas here in more "Americanized" SO, not nearly, no where near, as much.

That can play on your psyche I'm sure. His decision though, he wanted to be more near his family even if it mean't much less celebrity status. Someone can do a "Doug Flutie" thing around here and basically get tossed aside as to "so what" by the Toronto media, well certain of them, and the Toronto media does control all of SO really.

Andy right now is both a loser in many of his close circle friends - he didn't make the NFL and he isn't nearly what he was a celebrity with the Riders. Has to hurt but let's see if he can rise above that next year and be super. Here's hoping, he's been very good this year with a damaged psyche even.

It's a no brainer. Even if we had (or will) won/win the Grey Cup. I'd still say it. We dind't need a Fantuz to make our team better. We already had Stala, etc etc. We could have used that large salary to make our team "even better" by signing or trying out some new middle linebackers or another area on D. Like I said on here after the very first game, and I'll find the quote if you want; Rey Williams is (and now was) not the answer! We needed to replace him fast after that first game. Didn't happen. Nobody listens.

Is interesting Fantuz got what he wanted to come back home to SO and with Sticky Stalla, the incoming of Sammy G, and rookie of the year Chris Williams not sure how much of a pressing need it was to sign Fantuz. It was good publicity for the cats but as someone mentioned the CFL is not a top of the S. Ontario list in the sports world. As it turn out though the receiving corp is great and Burris has certanly taken advantage of all of them by the stats he has put up passing but if the defense can not stop anybody your not going to win.

Fantuz doesn't seem to be the same guy as he was before he tried the NFL. He doesn't seem to be as aggressive or involved as he used to be. Actually, that would describe Giguere too. Both of these guys came to town with legit credentials but have fallen far short of expectations. Could it be the coaching?

An Argo-Cat fan

That's not entirely what it was all about. I see it as more of a strategic PR move. Fantuz had massive popularity in Saskatchewan and quite a large following. Being that he's from Chatham, Ontario he draws in quite the large entourage from that South Western Ontario region. The Cats and CFL know that this is an under serviced area for pro sports and there is untapped potential to draw in fans from London, Waterloo, Guelph etc.

It should have been a mutually beneficial arrangement for both the Cats and Fantuz.

Actually, Bob Young pays his salary, and since Bob Young loses money owning the Cats, it can't really be said that "we are the ones... that pay his salary." If the team was profitable, then that would be a different story, but since the Ti-Cats run at a loss, we don't contribute all that much to the players' paycheques.

Fantuz has not been the No. 1 receiver many thought/hoped he would be. There are a number of reasons for this, which have been pointed out by others. Seeing the way this season has gone, it makes me wonder if bringing in expensive offensive players, like Fantuz and Burris, was the smart move. Perhaps the extra money spent on both (Burris makes more than Glenn did) could have been better spent on some defensive players. Of course, those players would have had to agree to come to Hamilton, but maybe instead of trying to upgrade an already pretty good offense, the team could have spent some dough on to upgrade what in 2011 was a pretty mediocre defense.

It could be the Casey Printers Syndrome? I got a chance to talk to Fantuz at training camp. He didn't say much but he seemed friendly. My impression of him was the either he was a little introverted or I was bothering him, but I'm not one to judge and honestly after a scorching hot day at camp I would be tired and just want to get home too.

well whether he is the same guy or not or does not look the same he is still on the verge of a 1,000 yard receiving season after joining a new team with a new QB a new Head Coach and a terrible defense. All things considered not too bad of a start. Maybe not what people would expect out of the reported 200K Salary but when he left for the NFL last year during the shortend training camp due to the lockout then returned to Sask not in as good a football shape due to the lockout and got injured on top of all that he had a 200K season in 2010 but did not receive it then.

Any way you try to whitewash it, Fantuz's production does not justify anywhere near $200,000+/year. There are two reasons why Fantuz was able to negotiate the exessive salary... past accomplishments and being Canadian. But football is a "what have you done for me lately" type business and when a player is paid as one of the top five or so receivers in the league, he is expected to produce accordingly. When a player is being paid about 2 1/2 times the league average salary, he better perform at a consistently high, all-star type level when he's on the field. I do not see that with Fantuz this season. From the start, it seems he has been uncomfortable in this offense, slower, and fighting the ball at times... just not the same player as in 2010. Whatever the reason for the drop-off in performance, at this level of production, the $200,000 salary will not be sustainable for very long. In that case, the Ti-Cats will be faced with an interesting dilemma regarding Fantuz.