Fantuz is a Tiger Cat

Well,, on the bright side we have some salary now to play with.. on the down side, we have now already lost 2 regular line up receivers in 'Tuz and in Koch


Koch was not as good as you might think.

we won't miss either, we'll find some receivers and soon we won't even remember it.

btw, his deal was $180,000/yr for 4 years.

We will miss Tuz, you're crazy to think we didn't last year. He is a ratio-breaker, and the best Canadian receiver in this league. If we signed him I know you would be the first person on here saying how we are going to win the cup now with the best receiver and o-line. The fact is, he will be missed, and hard to replace, but not impossible. Makes our ratio management a lot harder, especially possibly starting 2 import o-linemen.

Going to miss Andy and Geno, both great players, both made the right decisions. But for Andy, I don't know what will happen with the home opener being against the Kitty Cats, I think he might get a bit of mixed reaction, some fans will cheer, some will boo, then once the game starts, EVERYONE will BOOOO, that's just part of the game!

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guess they should have taken Tillman up on the trade offer last

eh. there are other's out there.

Fantuz was the best reciever in 2010

2011 he wasn't anything much. ya he got hurt but so what?

Riders won those games vs Winnipeg without him..

our biggest issues last year was on the Line.. both O and D.

we're gonna be fine.

Andy can be replaced, but that is going to be an import. To say he won't be missed is just silly. He is a top caliber player, and a NI. Even to bring in an import, there are not a pile of guys with his frame. I do wonder if this will inspire JC to stay on though...he would not see every snap, but he and Hill would make a nice rotation.

Koch is a top notch reciever, and a good addition to any team. He has the knack for finding holes in zones and has extremely reliable hands. What he lacks in speed he makes up for in route running (much like Andy). The only reason he was not brought back is because the Riders have so much depth in the area. Wheelwrite and Bagg will eat up the playing time that Koch saw, and I am sure they want to start getting Sisco into the mix as well seeing as he is a NI. There simply was not room to hold onto Koch seeing as he is an import.

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Financial details weren't available but a league source said Fantuz received a six-figure signing bonus from Hamilton and will earn a base salary of $180,000 per season. The final year of Fantuz's deal with the Saskatchewan Roughriders last season was said to pay him a $150,000 base salary that ended up being pro-rated as he missed the first half of the year while on an NFL tryout.

Also must note a 6 figure signing bonus for him. Good situation for him...walking into a competative team on the rise, and at home, with a fat cheque to get him to ink a deal...really can not fault him, though will miss seeing him in green

Well, at least he has gone to the east

Does this mean his NFL dream is done? Or can he still go and try out in Jacksonville this year?

NFL is only an option if Hamilton allows done. I do find it funny that he said nothing would be confirmed until Monday as he was out of the country until Saturday, then bammmm...signed this morning. Cats must have jumped up the signing bonus to the 6 figures that Saskatchewan said no to.

Sisco will do fine in Fantuz's place

Sisco is a WR, and Andy had four inches on him or more. Hill is the likely candidate

Fantuz va devoir livrer la marchandise, parce qu'un contrat avec O'B, ça ne veut pas dire grand'chose. Demandez à Coubourne... et tous les autres.

La ligne offensive des Timinous ne semble pas se dessiner comme la plus efficace. À moins qu'ils ne réussissent à bien coller tous les morceaux, Fantuz pourrait ne pas voir autant de ballons de Burris qu'il n'en voudrait. Je crois que Grant sera plus à surveiller que Fantuz, et Dieu sait que j'admire la qualité du jeu de Fantuz.

Pour ce qui est des receveurs des Roughriders, je crois que la position des receveurs en est une où on peut utiliser assez de non-canadiens. Il s'agira de garnir un peu la ligne offensive et la tertiaire en joueurs canadiens, et il sera possible de résoudre ce problème. Chose certaine, 2012 sera une année de reconstruction.

can someone please translate?

A contract with OB; Fantuz will have to deliver the goods, ask Coubourne and others that have been down this road.

The O-Line will have to be very effective in protection of Burris; in order for Fantuz to get his share of footballs, Grant just maybe more of a watch than Andy. LeStaf does admire the Quality receiver of that from Fantuz.

Year 2012 is still a rebuilding year of sorts, but the O-Line on/with Canadian players (in general) the problem will be possible to be solved.

pretty damn easy